More Dining Room Transformations!


I’m starting to feel like an infomercial! ‘But Wait! There’s More!’ Don’t get me wrong! I’m still excited about the changes I’ve made in our dining room – I see the end and wish to get there to share with you! There are two more big changes – that are a little delayed. Mainly because I miscalculated a couple things. When I do share these projects – I’ll tell you what I did wrong and what I’ve learned!

In the Meanwhile…


Hanging artwork. I really didn’t plan to hang these prints. I didn’t ‘see’ them working. But, Dearest did. He liked these from the beginning. There’s a story behind these prints.

An Estate Sale


Dearest and I spend a wonderful Saturday going from garage sale. We used to go to several Estate sales on the weekends when we lived in the Atlanta area – those were awesome days! They’re fewer and farther between and our weekends seem to be much busier! The last stop was an Estate sale – as we sauntered in the entryway to the left was a formal living room – my eyes scanned the room – I sighted out a shelf and three gold frames. We continued to move from room to room…as we rounded the corner to the kitchen there was a plastic container filled with Christmas dishes – for five dollars – My first find! Yeah! Dearest was caught up in the kitchen looking at electronic gadgets – not sure why they were there, but I wandered back to the formal living room. I considered the shelf, and decided against it. I walked over to the pictures – looked at the frames and noted the price – $15 each – that’s an awesome price for these great frames!

I Never Looked at the Prints




I had planned to use the frames for something else – Dearest liked them too and we brought them home! The artwork sat in the spare room for a while until Dearest asked about them – he looked at them and commented that they would look nice gallery style in the dining room. That was the first time I really looked at the artwork – well…olive jugs still life…quite Frenchy or Tuscan. They would look good…so we hung them above the dining room mirror.

Fast Forward…


To today – I again didn’t see the artwork as ‘fitting and had plans to paint still life or scenery – then I held one up – there was enough blue in it and complimentary colors to work. So, I told Dearest I was going to use them as they were – he was happy and he was right – they do work beautifully! I love the warmth they add to the walls and interest to the room!

We’re getting closer to done! 

Here are the steps I’ve taken so far in the Dining Room Transformation

Dining Room Redecoration Plans


Camille – The Little Blue Chest


Valspar Reserve Paint Review

Valspar Reserve Paint Review 1

Painted Chair


Curtains, Cushions and Pillows


 China Hutch Makeover


Dining Room Chairs

dining room chairs by china hutch

Hanging Creamware Platters


Silvered Chest



Adding Artwork


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