The Incredible Beauty Cerusing wax adds to your projects

The Incredible Beauty Cerusing Wax Adds to Your Projects

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The incredible beauty cerusing wax adds to your projects shared on A Delightsome Life

The Incredible Beauty Cerusing Wax Adds to Your Project

I have been working on a few projects here and there and as it sometimes happens – one project leads to another. This is the case in the main project in this post. I really wanted to update the look to four dining room chairs I purchased a few years back. The look was fine, but really didn’t complement the colors and decor in the dining room. You can see the changes I made to the chairs here. The dining table will one day go to my youngest daughter. I have plans for a very large French style farmhouse table in the future…I the color I had painted the table’s legs a few years back, now just didn’t look right. Since this table will soon be my daughter’s, I asked her ‘do you want the legs to be white or blue?’.

Cerusing wax used on dining table legs at A Delightsome Life

She chose blue! So, As I was painting I thought – this is too blue for now… Happily, I have something that will add beauty and interest to the color and look of the table – Cerusing Wax from Amy Howard at Home!

Cerusing What? What is Cerusing Wax?

Thanks for asking! Well, Cerusing Wax is also known as Liming Wax. It is a very soft, bright white paste that you apply to furniture to give it an amazing ‘white washed’ finish. This works beautifully on white wood and on painted surfaces.

You can find out more and the ‘how to’ on Amy Howard at Home’s site – HERE.

cerusing wax transforms dining room table legs on A Delightsome Life

The Newly Updated Dining Room Set

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a few years since I painted the dining room blue. Just LOVE that color – it is so serene. Slowly I’d been transforming the furniture in the room to complement the look. The chest – I call Camille, the China Cabinet and these two chairs…along with this awesome side table my sister found for me. It was time for the dining room table to join in the ranks.

more projects using cerusing wax at A Delightsome Life

More Projects (for now) with Cerusing Wax

Have you ever had something that was put away for one reason or another then you ‘find’ it again and know it’s perfect for upcoming projects. That’s the case with these two flat baskets. I’m decorating for fall and these will be lovely filled with moss and pumpkins. Not only that, but they’ll also be perfect for giving a gorgeous patina with Cerusing Wax! Yay! I followed Amy Howard’s tips in her post (referenced above) to give it the aged patina.

cerusing wax used on baskets at A Delightsome Life

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Another Basket

This basket I also ‘found’ while looking for other decor items – this one I’ve kept but just didn’t know how it would fit in with decor – NOW with Cerusing Wax – it can go anywhere it wants!

Dining room table transformed with Cerusing wax on A Delightsome Life

I’m sure I’ll find more projects for Cerusing Wax…my imagination is flying. I used to be dangerous around the house with a paint brush…now for a very different, beautiful reason!

dining table transformed with cerusing wax on A Delightsome Life

What do you think? Do you love the look – how about the examples shared on Amy Howard’s site or this Facebook video demo by Amy Howard

do you agree that Cerusing Wax and the beauty it brings could be making a come back in home decor? I do!



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