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The Precious Quality of Winter Light


The quality of light in the wintertime has its own characteristics.


Kitchen Countertop and Wall Shelf

This light affects the shades and moods in the rooms of a home. Outdoors, winter’s palate is a muted combination of whites, browns, greys, golds and greens. I took a few pictures of vignettes of winter decor in my home and created a color palette for each to see what colors appeal to me in the winter. Conclusion, I just love color.

diningroom palette

Dining Room Table

Indoors, I like to complement these colors, which to me bring a sense of serenity and tranquility. There’s a sense of quiet outdoors in winter, save for the cheery, chirpy birds first thing in the morning.

In the Living Room

The Mantel



The Built-In Book Shelves

white pitchers palette

In the Stairway and Hall

Upper Hall 



Lower Stairway Landing



In the Dining Room

The China Cabinet

chinacabinet color palette


Silver Chalkboard on Buffet


silver platter palette


In the Master Bedroom

The Master Bed



Tea Tray



Pillows on Window Seat




In The Kitchen




Cannisters on Shelf

cannister palette


What does your Winter Decor Palette look like? Could you be surprised by all the color you may add or by the muted color? Do you notice the difference in the effect of the color of light in winter?

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