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Winter is a wonderful time to plan and to dream about your garden. What better book to sit and to dream with than The New Southern Living Garden Book, the ultimate guide to gardening. I have been given the opportunity to review this amazing book!

50 Years of Gardening Know How




have been compiled within over 700 pages filled with ideas and information to help you choose and make your garden a success. The first Southern Living Garden Book was published in 2004 and they thought they’d hit it out of the ballpark. 




Daffodils are the most reliable bulb for the Southern garden

Daffodils are the most reliable bulb for the Southern garden

In this volume, the good folks at Southern Living have put together information for you, the gardener with an eye out for the changing times, better plants, better garden practices and more. 

A Shift in Style


In this volume you will find the pages filled with 2,000 full-color, 500 garden ideas, 8,000 flowers-vegetables-trees and more, instructional information, updated growing zones, Southern Living’s plant rating and USDA hardiness zones. Not only that Southern Living also shares their recommendations such as using natural, organic products with an aim to serve a wide range of gardeners from beginner to expert.


What You Will Find:

  • The essential Southern Gardener – what plants we often consider native to the south, may have a very different history, what Southerners are practicing now in their gardens – garden rooms, container gardening, vegetable gardening and even small-scale chicken houses.
  • A comprehensive Plant Finder – ‘the heart of the book’. In this section you’ll find ‘the most comprehensive guide to what you can grow in the South, today’.
  • Practical Guide to Gardening – from how to create ‘good soil’, planting, fertilizing, pruning and more
  • Seasonal Garden Check List – those chores that you can do seasonally to maintain your garden.

 I have been enjoying reading through The Southern Living Garden Book, bookmarking ideas and plants I want to try this year. Winter is definitely a wonderful time to sit, to plan and to dream your garden. This book is definitely a marvelous addition to your library.

images from The Southern Living Garden Book – the ultimate guide to gardening

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