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Going Black

Dining Table transformation with Fusion Mineral Paint


From a Farmhouse Country Style to a Formal, Elegant Dining Table

I was so thrilled with look of the French Provincial dresser I created using Fusion™ Mineral Paint, that I welcomed another opportunity to transform a piece of furniture with this marvelous paint. When reviewing the beautiful selection of Fusion™ Mineral Paint colors, I was struck by the elegance of Coal Black. It is described as an ‘absolute jet black that can accentuate any color’. This rich shade of black could also complement many decor styles. I began to look for an opportunity to transform a piece of furniture, to create a unique, classic look. 

The Classic Look

dining table transformation-5

Traditionally, when I paint furniture, I lean toward the French Provincial or Shabby Chic style using  lighter, softer shades of paint.

French Provincial

dresser transformation using Fusion Casement and Inglenook

Therefore, Fusion™ Coal Black would present a challenge, a stretch for my imagination.  I  was thrilled when an opportunity arose and was inspired to include a creative design to the tabletop. 

The Before/After

dining table set - before

dining table set – before

dining table set - after

dining table set – after 

My son purchased his first home. The cabinetry in the kitchen and eat-in area is a beautiful rich, cherry color, a traditional, formal style. His dining table, however, is a lighter oak in a farmhouse, country style. This dining set would present the perfect creative challenge. My vision was to use the Fusion™ Mineral Paint Coal Black on the tabletop and to complement the cabinetry by darkening the table’s legs and chairs a rich, cherry shade of stain. 

Adding Drama and Interest

dining table transformation-11

Homestead House Paint Company provides a wonderful variety of paint colors and so much more. From gilding paste, crackle, textures, tinting kits and stencils you can take your DIY  furniture and craft transformations to new levels. I loved the classic look of the NWSE Compass stencil and wanted to incorporate this design into the overall transformation of this table. 

The Decision

dining table transformation-9

This dining table has a leaf that extends the table’s width by more than twelve inches. I wanted my son both to be able to retain and to remove the table’s leaf, with style. The solution was to place the NSWE stencil onto the table’s leaf and to position the star design from the stencil at each corner of the table’s top. 

The Stencil Style

dining table transformation-6

I wanted to add to the elegance and drama of the Fusion™ Coal Black by combining Antiquing and Silver Gilding Paste in the NSWE Compass stencil.

The Fusion products used:

dining table transformation-3

  • Fusion Coal Black 
  • Fusion Casement 
  • Metallic Silver Gilding Paste
  • Antiquing Gilding Paste
  • NSWE Compass stencil
  • small brush
  • *your choice of finishes include: Beeswax Finish or Tough Coat

Additional products used for this Transformation:

  • Minwax PolyShade Bombay Mahogany (satin)
  • Script Fabric
  • small stencil brush – for metallic silver and antiquing paste application
  • Frog Tape
  • Staple gun and staples
  • 220 sand paper 

The Design Method

  1. Clean and lightly sand any rough spot on the tabletop. Clear away any dust from the sanding. Paint the tabletop with Fusion™ Coal Black. Apply a second or third coat – to completely cover the top. To ‘hide‘ the farmhouse style, I also painted the sides of the tabletop in Coal Black. The scallop design is camouflaged by the paint.* 
  2. Center the Fusion NSWE Compass stencil carefully measuring each corner from the leaf edge to ensure the stencil is straight. Apply tape to each corner of the stencil.
  3. With the small brush apply the Fusion™ Casement paint to the whole of the stencil design. (tamp off excess paint onto paper before applying to the stencil- you may press down on the stencil to ensure crisp edges.) This is a foundation color to allow the Metallic Silver and the Antiquing Gilding Paste to ‘pop‘. 
  4. Stencil on the Metallic Silver Gilding Paste over the majority of the design. Stencil on the Antiquing Gilding Paste with a concentration of the paste in the inner corners of the design. Some blending of the two paste shades is desired. You are attempting to create an antiqued silver patina.
  5. For the stars at each corner, center the stencil about an 1 1/2 inch to 2 inches from the corner pointing toward the center of the table. Tape the stencil down and repeat the application method for the NWSE Compass. 
  6. Protect the finish of the tabletop with either Beeswax Finish or Tough Coat.
  7. Clean and sand the table legs and chairs. Wipe away sanding dust. Apply the Polyshade with a brush making sure there are no drip marks. I did two applications of the stain. 
  8. Recover the seat cushions with your choice of fabric.
*Allow the paint and stain to dry between applications.

The Result 

dining table transformation-2


dining table transformation-7


Now, this dining table better complements the elegant design of the cabinetry. No longer the Farmhouse style, this table now sets the stage for the room’s decor. We decorated the built-in bookshelves with leather bound books, metallic silver accents, an antiqued globe, stars and binoculars. 

dining table transformation-13

 Go for Drama – Go for Black – Go for Elegance…with Fusion Coal Black mineral paint.

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