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When you’re on the threshold, you’re either entering or leaving a room. Each poses wonderful possibilities. 

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If you were leaving, behind you radiates the beauty and the warmth of the moments created in that room.

If you were arriving, there is a breath of fresh air a fragrance of anticipation of what is to come.

This is the beauty of waking to a new day. When your eyes awake you’re still enveloped in the warmth of a good night’s rest, of the thoughts and dreams you carried with you as you slept. As the sun rises and the air begins to stir with the sounds and the fragrances of the new day – you are on that threshold.

This new year will be like that – full of beautiful memories and of delicious anticipation, full of thresholds.

Determining to make changes in ones life, to take steps forward we take along with us the decisions we made in the past. We can learn from them, carry them along or neatly pack them away and place them away for safekeeping.


Painted in Waterlogue

I wish to make each day looking forward as a new step in a long journey – taking this journey one step and one day at a time. 

When we are young, we dream of who we want to be. Then one day we realize we’ve finally grown up. We are more secure with ourselves, more sure of what we want and of what is important. Each sand of time that falls in the hourglass is so very precious – we learn to cherish each moment – to embrace those things that are truly important and to let go of what is not.

This is a new year and each day I am a new me – renewed by realizing, by learning, by living and by loving – with determination. 

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams“. Eleanor Roosevelt

The first Threshold

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Laying the foundation for the new beginnings, the pathways to the journey ahead begins with putting pen to paper. Looking forward  –

  • what do I want to see for myself, for my home and for my family.
  • Laying the foundation means jotting down ideas, plans, recipes any thing I want to try to accomplish in the new year – for every area of my life.
  • Make this time free flowing – leave it, come back to it fill pages and pages of ideas.
  • Then sort these ideas into groupings – for you, for your home, for your family and such.
  • Break down these groups into workable smaller plans – each journey does begin one step at a time. 

new year new you-2

Just like the blank pages to my new journal, and the wide margins to my new Bible, each day is a blank slate, awaiting us to fill in the lines of what we will determine for ourselves. We can only account for ourselves. Take counsel, seek ideas and information, jot them down, then dream – imagine what you wish to do, to be and to become. This is a New Year for us all – a New Year to make positive changes that we may be New ourselves.

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