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One of our favorite things to decorate in the Christmas season is the Christmas tree.

Oh Christmas Tree-1


It is a family affair. Over the years we have accumulated ornaments that were made by the children, gifted to us by loved ones and some that were given just for the fun of it. I love each year opening the boxes filled with these bits of memories. The Christmas tree to me embodies all of the wonder and joy of the season as well as the love we share for one another. As I took pictures I kept thinking to myself the sweet song, ‘Oh Christmas Tree’. 

Oh Christmas Tree-2This banner was made last year…an inspiration I found on Pinterest.

Oh Christmas Tree-12Music is a big part of our lives…the piano ornament was a gift from one of the children’s piano teachers.

Oh Christmas Tree-11Dearest and his trucks. This represents the love and fun he has restoring his ’57 Chevrolet truck (actually he has two and is combining the best of them into one)

Oh Christmas Tree-7This ornament was a gift to me by the children…they loved finding one that represented one of my passions…gardening.

Oh Christmas Tree-14My eldest daughter made this ornament last year…it was also an inspiration from Pinterest. I love seeing their creativity.

Oh Christmas Tree-9This belongs to my youngest. A friend of mine gifted her a whole collection of these beautiful, delicate ornaments.

Oh Christmas Tree-8Whimsy. A lot of our ornaments represent our love of fun and a good sense of humor. That large fish was a gag gift to my husband from a friend…now one of our favorite ornaments.

Oh Christmas Tree-5Dearest loves to fish and so do the children. I love to watch. If you notice, this fun ornament has a fish that has caught Santa!

Oh Christmas Tree-10The things that represent Christmas the most…joy….

Oh Christmas Tree-6peace…and a handmade ornament by my daughter’s boyfriend’s mother – she’s very talented in quilting and sewing.

Oh Christmas Tree-3Our tree is also filled with ornaments that to us represent the true meaning of Christmas…the joy of Jesus Christ’s birth.

Oh Christmas Tree-4

Oh Christmas Tree-15New ornaments added this year. This is one from my son’s dear friend – the lovely bell with burlap ribbon.

Oh Christmas Tree-2This year, our tree is filled and beautiful with all of the wonderful ornaments we’ve collected over time. We’ve added more red this year, Dearest’s inspiration.

Oh Christmas Tree-13I’m not sure how we can top the beauty of this year’s tree…I’m loving all that it represents. I hope you’re enjoying your Christmas season with your family and that you’re filling your home with beautiful memories filled with love and laughter; as we are.

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