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The One Room Challenge Reveal..the Prairie Style Bedroom

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One Room Challenge Reveal the Prairie Style bedroom on A Delightsome Life

The One Room Challenge Reveal Prairie Style Bedroom

The time is finally here. The guest bedroom is completely redecorated. All of the decisions and the selections for the Prairie style bedroom are now complete. This has been a fun exercise and I love the results. The One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home and House Beautiful bring together 20 featured participants and a number of guest participants. For seven weeks each have taken us step-by-step in the process of transforming rooms. Here is mine.

One Room Challenge Prairie Cottage accessories on A Delightsome Life

The First Step:

The Inspired Decor  – how the decision to decorate this guest bedroom in the Prairie Cottage Style came about.

In preparation for the room transformation I did a little online dreaming. What I discovered that my eye and my heart were drawn to the simplicity, the beauty and the serenity of white rooms. This room being the smallest room in the house would definitely look larger, brighter in white. In fact, it’s so small I’ve nicknamed it the box. I think it is a perfect square. As I was studying the cottage styles…I realized I already had the basics for Prairie Cottage style!


The Second Step:

The Selection of Wall Color – is there a perfect shade of white? Simplicity was the basis for the decision to paint the walls white.White walls are everywhere. So much so that some are thinking that there may be too much…But, I disagree. When a classic is a classic; it will always be a classic. White walls will always be a classic in Cottage decor design.

curtains and shades add color and texture interest to the room's decor on A Delightsome Life

The Third Step:

The Decision on window treatments – to add curtains and shades – or leave it alone. What curtains should do for the room’s decor – Every element of the room’s decor should play a part in bringing together for the whole decor style. For window treatments, they should add interest, color and texture to a room. Here are some considerations when selecting curtains: lined or unlined, color-pattern, fabric selection, height, length width of the panels.

What every guest bedroom needs - nightstand choice for One Room Challenge on A Delightsome Life

The Fourth Step:

What every guest bedroom should have: Whether your guest is a family member, friend or acquaintance you want their stay at your home to be a welcoming, memorable experience. You want them to not only feel at home, but also feel as if they’re experiencing one of the best hotel or B&B experience. Here are a few suggestions for what every guest bedroom should have. Begin with the furniture. Then, move onto the extras: flowers, plush bedding, towels, clock, task lighting, mirror, etc…

DIY sign for redecorated guest bedroom on A Delightsome Life

The Fifth Step:

Adding something unique, personal. I shared how to make a DIY sign for a room. I added the curtains more for the addition of color, texture and pattern. I hung the curtains from the ceiling to draw the attention upward and to frame the window and the bed. The space above the window seemed blank. Initially, I imagined a rusty modern calligraphy sign. Then I thought of a handmade wood sign…

The Sixth Step:

How to Decorate in Prairie Cottage Charm – the accessories that make the look. There was an ‘aha’ moment for me when I was planning on changing the room color. Some of the decor items already in the room reminded me of what I’ve come to learn embody Romantic Prairie Style. ‘Romantic Prairie Style is the most charming record of houses and farmsteads dotted through the American homelands, reminding us of the history and endearing way of life, the traditions and spirit, barely changed since the houses were built. She describes the style of the homes depicted in the book as ‘wholesome creative charm’. (Fifi O’Neill – Romantic Prairie Style)

One Room Challenge Reveal Prairie Style Bedroom on A Delightsome Life

The Prairie Cottage Guest Bedroom Reveal:

As you enter the room, I wanted a sense of stepping back in time. The cast-iron bed is the first thing you see. This home is a 1914 Craftsman and the details are simple, yet beautiful. There is a built in bookcase with glass doors, wide baseboards, picture rail molding, high ceilings, beautiful window and gorgeous pine floors. The room is square and made to look larger by the use of white paint as well as keeping the furniture selection simple.

 One Room Challenge Reveal of Prairie Style Bedroom ambiance on A Delightsome Life

A Sense of Place and Time

I envision this to be the room of a young woman of some place in time. She’s traveled, perhaps to school, and has returned home. This room is her haven – her comfort.

Romantic Prairie style bedroom on A Delightsome LifePerhaps this portrait of this young lady inspired the romantic ambiance to this room. This room could be in any farmhouse in the prairie or cottage in the mountains…

cedar wardobe in Prairie Style guest bedroom on A Delightsome Life

As you enter the room to the right is this vintage Cedar Closet. Above the cedar closet is an old suitcase and hat…to carry on the sense of this being a young lady’s room. Texture is added to the decor in the many baskets throughout the room.

Prairie style bedroom One Room Challenge on A Delightsome LifeTo the left of the bed is a table that once was a sewing machine table. Now, this table can be used as a writing desk and side table for the bed. A small vintage mirror painted to complement the brass paint on the bed is above the writing table.

This little chair was a boring, not so comfortable chair. Now, it’s complementary and cozy – for long sitting sessions at the writing desk or doing for doing crafts.

Room decor in guest bedroom on A Delightsome LifeThe decor on the writing table include a lovely topiary, basket, dish for essentials and an old oil lamp.

Prairie Style guest bedroom oil lamp on A Delightsome LifeThis vintage oil lamp is simply beautiful with its clean lines and adds to the general decor ambiance.

Above the writing desk is this decorative shelf with little dishes and baskets – adding more color and texture.

chair and table accessories in guest bedroom on A Delightsome LifeTo the left of the door as you enter you’ll find the built-in bookcase filled with extra and out of season decor. Before the bookcase is a little chair that belonged to my great-grandfather. This is another sitting area for guests to enjoy.

This teddy bear is special. It was made out of a shirt that once belonged to my brother.

chalkboard in guest bedroom on A Delightsome LifeI love signs and chalkboards in any room’s decor. This sweet one has a message – quote from Winnie the Pooh…that fits nicely with the welcoming atmosphere for guests.

My sister also made this crocheted collar. I feel it fits very well with the room’s decor.

Guests are made welcome with added touches to guest bedroom on A Delightsome Life

So, this is the newly decorated guest bedroom. I love the ambiance and I hope guests will love it too.

books and tea set for guests in Prairie Style bedroom on A Delightsome LifeGuest Bedroom Before:

Guest Bedroom After:

One Room Challenge Reveal Prairie Style Bedroom on A Delightsome Life

Prairie Style Cottage Guest Bedroom

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