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Relaxing Stay at Tybee Island Inn

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Dearest and I were gifted with a two night stay at Tybee Island Inn by our dear daughter and her husband. We had such a lovely, restful time. The island was full of folks taking spring break or breaking away from the long, hard winter. 

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Low Key

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We stayed near the Tybee Island Inn most of the time. We enjoyed the beach in the late afternoon when there were fewer people. 

Driftwood Trees

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These two amazing trees were sitting far up the beach. I was fascinated by their twisted appearance.

Long Beach, Lots of Shells, Soaring Birds

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We love to take a leisurely walk along the beach. We were in awe of the depth of the beach and the beauty of the ocean. I always collect shells and there was a band of shells on the beach with so many for the picking! I am thrilled at watching the birds fly by – as they sour and dip – there were quite a few where we were.

Gorgeous Sunrise

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On our last morning, Dearest and I got up early to witness the sunrise on the beach. It was so beautiful – I’ll never cease to be in awe. 

Lovely Inn

We were so very delighted by the Tybee Island Inn. The Innkeeper and staff were so kind and courteous. The breakfasts were amazing! We stayed in their Dolphin room – one of the rooms upstairs. There are seven very different and very wonderful rooms there – one big enough to house a pretty good sized family!

Charming Garden 


The Inn is almost hidden behind the aged branches of a Live Oak dripping with Spanish Moss. There’s water fountains, potted plants and garden art as well as a number of places to relax and take it all in.

Enchanting at Night

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The Inn and garden at night is beautifully lit giving it a very enchanting appearance. 

A Wonderful Getaway

dearest and me at tybee islandI know we’ll go back, and we’ll most likely stay again at the Tybee Island Inn…perhaps we’ll even take the children next time.

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