Painted Hutch and Bead board Wallpaper

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The Kitchen Renovation Continues…

painted hutch with beadboard before after

Painted Hutch and Bead board Wallpaper

One of the most dramatic transformations in my kitchen renovation was changing the look of the kitchen hutch. I have loved it for a very long time, but I wanted to give it a fresher look and wanted to give it more of a farmhouse country feel. By painting the hutch all white and adding bead board wallpaper, I believe I have achieved my vision.

hutch 10 kitchen renovation A Delightsome Life

It has been over three weeks since I shared my plans to renovate our kitchen. I was inspired by the fresh – light Farmhouse Cottage feel to Jennifer’s kitchen at Town and Country Living. I planned to change the color of the walls, paint a number of things white. I shared several of the ideas in my ‘to do’ post.

kitchen hutch - before

kitchen hutch – before

This hutch was purchased several years back at Jaemore Farms in Lula, Georgia. They have fresh, seasonal fruit – apples and peaches especially. In addition, they make furniture. I loved the look of this hutch. I bought it unfinished and have kept it as it was above for several years. Now, the transformation to an all-white hutch.

kitchen hutch - after

kitchen hutch – after – if you’ll notice – I am missing a knob to one of the doors. I found it today! In a pocket in my purse! Go figure!

I now feel as if my kitchen has been a beautiful caterpillar awaiting to become what it should be – a beautiful butterfly – this painted hutch with bead board wall paper is a cornerstone of the new design. All things now are as they were meant to be.

hutch 4 kitchen renovation A Delightsome LifePart of my plan for the kitchen renovation was to add bead board on the wall by the windows. I love the country feel of bead board. Then in my searching I found that you could find very nice bead board wallpaper. This opened up a lot of possibilities. I added the bead board wallpaper to the cabinet surrounding the refrigerator and the oven. I also added bead board wallpaper to the hutch. The wallpaper I chose is Martha Stewart’s Bead board Wallpaper at Home Depot (online purchase only – not a sponsored product endorsement).

hutch 8 kitchen renovation A Delightsome LifeHutch Transformation

I love the look of this hutch all white with the bead board. As I was beginning to decorate it, this vintage looking cake carrier was the launch to the color scheme and the farmhouse feel to the decor.

Hutch 1 - kitchen renovation A Delightsome LifeKitchen Color Scheme and vintage collectibles

The cornerstone colors in this kitchen are white, creamy-beige and red. The additional colors of the Jadeite green, turquoise from the ball jars add interest to this farmhouse feel. In a number of the corners you’ll find a French twist to this decor scheme making it a French Farmhouse kitchen decor.

hutch 13 kitchen renovation A Delightsome LifeIn this corner you get a glimpse of my window treatment solution. I had wanted to leave the windows alone without valence or curtain. Dearest was not on board with this idea. Then I remembered I had two Battenburg lace curtains from an Estate sale – they fit perfectly on these windows and keep a light and airy feel to the room.

hutch 9 kitchen renovation A Delightsome LifeAlso throughout the room I will have baskets and white dishes.

hutch 12 kitchen renovation A Delightsome LifeI have quite a few vintage bowls and dishes – now they all can come out and be included in this farmhouse decor style – love these bowls.

hutch 11 kitchen renovation A Delightsome LifeThis was Dad’s mortar and pestle – I gifted it to him a long time ago – it was one of the treasures I kept after he passed away.

hutch 7 kitchen renovation A Delightsome LifeI will always have teacups at the ready in the kitchen – chintz is also a pattern that is now prominent in the kitchen.

hutch 5 kitchen renovation A Delightsome LifeIn these jars I have bits and pieces of pottery – shards that we have found in the garden over the years – apparently it was thought that the  pottery would aerate the garden soil. Little bits of history.

Hutch 3 kitchen renovation A Delightsome LifeTurquoise and red are one of my favorite color combinations.

Hutch 2 Kitchen Renovation A Delightsome LifeI love the romantic look of dried flowers in the kitchen. These dried lavender and roses add beauty to a corner of the top of the hutch. You can see the side of the cabinet that now has bead-board sides. I have to admit, I am pretty tired. I have been working hard each of the days I was able to dedicate to painting the kitchen. I have a few more details to finish, a few more things on order that I am waiting for and one thing we need to build…This project is going as I’d hoped – the result is much better than I could have dreamed. I’ll share more soon! For now, I’ll thoroughly enjoy my transformed painted hutch with bead board wall paper!



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