Pink Roses and White Pumpkins


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Pink Roses White Pumpkins 6

I love these sweet little clusters of pink roses that can be found at the market.

Pink Roses White Pumpkins 1

Alongside this white pumpkin – these roses make a romantic autumn tabletop vignette.

Pink Roses White Pumpkins 2

The many varieties of pumpkins available to us is amazing – color, shape, size texture. Somehow, I am always drawn to the white pumpkins.

Pink Roses White Pumpkins 3

Just as I am always drawn to sweet little pink roses.

Pink Roses White Pumpkins 4

So it was natural to pair them up and set them on my desktop in the kitchen  – to enjoy and to bring delight to my day.

Pink Roses White Pumpkins 5

Do you treat yourself to a bouquet of roses. If not, I believe you should – to bring delight and a smile to your face.

I hope you have a blessed day!

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