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Pretty In Pink teacup and Country Living Fair 2014 A Delightsome LifeCelebrating Pink in October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – today, most of us know someone close who is affected by breast cancer. It is a very sobering diagnosis that not only affects many women, but also those they love. As I prepare for the week I have prepared a pink tea and Country Living Fair inspired post.

Pink Teacup and Pink Margeurite Daisies planning for Country Living Fair A Delightsome LifeWe celebrate those who have demonstrated amazing courage and who have conquered this disease as well as endeavor to encourage those facing this illness. 

Pink for Breast Cancer

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month pink tea A Delightsome LifeAwareness includes knowing that we don’t have to solve this problem for those facing cancer – it is encouraging to them to know you’re there – that you care – that you’re available to them.

Pink Marguerite Daisies Mary Kay Pink coffee mug planning for Country Living Fair A Delightsome LifeAs I prepare for the week – which includes planning out my trip at the end of the week to the Country Living Fair – I think of the wonderful inspiring ladies that I will meet – we need to thoroughly enjoy and rejoice with one another – each day is to be special.

Sharing resources… 

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month pink tea at A Delightsome LifeHere are a few useful links so that you can know best how to support someone facing breast cancer.

Pink Mary Kay coffee mug pink daisies preparing for Country Living fair A Delightsome LifeLooking forward to the future…

I look forward to each day. I often share that everyone we come into contact with is facing someone – so always be kind. It is so easy to spread kindness and hope. Be encouraging to someone today – you don’t have to have the right words to say – just let them know you care. We all look forward to the day that Cancer will have a cure –  I believe that day will come! So, for today – be positive, be an encourager and remember to be kind!

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