I Envisioned a Sparkly Chandelier Dripping with Crystals

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I love the elegant look of French Crystal Chandeliers. 

French Crystal Chandelier Dining Room A Delightsome Life

They’re so sparkly! It is like the beautiful crown of the room. So, as I was transforming my dining room from red traditional to French blue…I envisioned a sparkly chandelier dripping with crystals. 

The Standard Brass Chandelier

chandelier before and after a delightsome life

with twelve curvy arms curling at the edge in the center around graduating circular center, the brass chandelier is in itself, quite lovely. It is not original to the house, a Craftsman style home…and it has served us beautifully these ten years.


Dining Room Chandelier French Crystal-5 copy

Not only did I want a French Crystal chandelier, I wanted the color of the chandelier to be different…the brass just wasn’t doing it for me with the new colors in the dining room. I shopped (virtually) for options. I found a sweet chandelier at Lowes – it’s just a bit smaller – fewer arms…but definitely had the sparkle!

Then I thought…

Dining Room Chandelier French Crystal-7 copy

With paint, crystal bobeches (I’ve got to share that I adore that name!), and some crystals, I could transform this standard brass chandelier to an elegant French chandelier. 


Dining Room Chandelier French Crystal-6 copy

In oneself and in your ideas is crucial to trying new things. Daddy always had faith in my creative ideas…he would say that if you believed you could – you could do anything…at least try. I’ve always done that – envisioned what I wanted to do – and just trying.

Shopping with a Different Purpose…

Dining Room Chandelier French Crystal-10 copy


Instead of chandeliers, I began to search for bobeches and crystals. I found many examples and began to desing in my imagination. Saw the chandelier coming together. I needed twelve bobeches, each had wire for five crystals – so that was 60 crystals for the lights. My eyes began to dance with the potential sparkle ahead!

A Snag…

Dining Room Chandelier French Crystal-2 copy

I knew I’d replace the brass saucers around the light with the crystal bobeches – the problem was that when they arrived the center was wider than the brass saucers! It had to work out! But how??? Dearest to the rescue!

Dearest’s Solution…

Dining Room Chandelier French Crystal-3 copy

He took one of the lights apart. Inside were washers. One of the washers was silver and just the right size to place underneath the crystal bobeche – he then added two washers on top the bobeche then added back the light fixture.  I believe he thought that his part of the job would never end! Twelve bobeches seem to stretch on and on…but, finally – he did it! Voila! It worked! 

Painting the Chandelier….

Dining Room Chandelier French Crystal-8 

 I decided to transform the chandelier from brass to silver. I used Liquitex Acrylic Iridescent Bright Silver. Now, doesn’t that sound perfectly sparkly! Using a one inch acrylic paint brush, I applied three layers of paint. The chain I’d planned to cover with a chain cover. 

The Design…

Dining Room Chandelier French Crystal-1 copy 

Remember, I counted the number of arms and came up with a grand total of 60 crystals. But I wanted more! I found crystal chains to supplement ways to hang more crystals….I added more until I was satisfied with the look. 

With or without shades?

Dining Room Chandelier French Crystal-4 copy

The shades for the chandelier are a creamy yellow…not sure they work now. I’m considering leaving the lights the way they are or perhaps finding glass lamps…what do you think?

Now…what to do with the parts removed from the chandelier…there’s a use for them somewhere!

Dining Room Chandelier French Crystal-9 copy

I am so glad we transformed this chandelier instead of purchasing another – the cost is a fraction of what a new one would have been. So, if you’ve dreamed of sparkly French chandeliers and have a standard brass one like mine…you can easily transform yours too!

What I used:

  • crystals and crystal chain purchased on Ebay (100+ crystals 2 sizes)

  • crystal bobeches (Ebay)

  • Liquitex Iridescent Silver acrylic paint

  • 1 inch paint brush

  • silver jewelry wire to attach chain to arms

Here are the steps I’ve taken so far in the Dining Room Transformation

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