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For a very long time, I had been looking for a square coffee table to make into an ottoman. Then, last year, at the Habitat Resale store, I found a perfect square ottoman. It had just the right fabric cover too. But, now, with a whole new color/decor scheme in our living room – it needed an update. I’m sharing my adventures recovering an ottoman.

Perfect Square Tufted Ottoman

ottoman recovered-1I thought this ottoman was perfect for our needs. Dearest really loves it – for relaxing! I love the deep tufts.

First Step – Remove the Upholstered Top

ottoman recovered-3Beneath the Ottoman, I discovered how the tufts had been supported. The string was pulled taut, cotton batting was added; the string was tied off then stapled to the wooden frame. 

Removal of the Buttons

ottoman recovered-6I began from the center to remove the buttons. My first intention was to preserve the string and the cotton batting for reuse. My plan was to repeat the manner of the button attachments by pulling the string, using batting and stapling to the frame. I later discovered it would be better to use all new string and to use a different method to pull the buttons taut.

Painting the Wooden Frame and Legs

ottoman recovered-7Before I began removing buttons, I painted the frame with sample paint – Valspar Mushroom. I painted two coats for a base. Then once dried I dry-brushed Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint in Chelsea Square. I love the affect of these two colors combined.

Attaching the Buttons

ottoman recovered-4I first set the Ottoman on four chairs – lifting it from the ground so that I could access both the top and the bottom. That didn’t work quite well! It also didn’t work to attempt to try to staple the twine to the frame – I resorted to using buttons. Once the Buttons were attached on the top with both ends of the twine strung below, I would turn over the upholstered frame; run the string through the two holes in a button; draw tight on the string and tie it off. I still used the cotton batting to draw the decorative buttons in even tighter. This worked quite well. This is also the most time consuming part of the project!

The Reupholstered Ottoman

ottoman recovered-10We all love the neutral color and pattern to the newly reupholstered ottoman – it coordinates well with the rest of the changes in the room!

ottoman recovered-8When I found the ottoman, I also found this Bombay tray – they complement quite well together.

ottoman recovered-9You can see in the background another project. I slipcovered our couch! I’ll share more about that soon!

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