slipcovered couch before and after

Transforming a Traditional Couch…



Dearest and I have had this couch for years. It has held up through all of the children, lots of naps, lots of company – anything a family can throw at it. Before, it worked quite well with the English Cottage decor theme, but now…Now that I’ve changed the wall color and color scheme, the couch needs a transformation into a slipcovered couch.

Fabric Choice



I spent some time selecting fabric for the living room…I chose neutral fabric with a little blue and beige woven in. But, when I arrived home, I wasn’t quite pleased with the look and the texture of the fabric. The couch would be used a lot. I turned to fabric, that is often used to slipcover furniture – dropcloth.

Yes, Drop Cloth

slipcovered couch-4

Dearest was skeptical. He didn’t know that drop cloth is well known and well used to slipcover furniture. Not only that, but after washed, it becomes a wonderfully touchable fabric. Once I decided upon drop cloth the rest was relatively easy.

How to Slipcover the Couch

slipcovered couch-6

I began with the back. I decided that to add velcro at the back – this would be connected to the sides that would wrap underneath the back by two inches. Then I measured the front. I sewed those two pieces together. I measured and cut two pieces for the arms. One pied went over the arm and the other along the arm’s side. I attached those pieces to the back/front. Then the front of the curved arm. I decided to add a bit of decorative piping. This would complement the pillows…yet to come. The only other part I used piping for were the two cushions. I used velcro in the back of the cushions to secure the fabric. It’s pretty easy and you can see wonderful tutorials here.

The Pillows

slipcovered couch-2

The original pillows showed the most wear from all of the years of the children and pets cuddling on them. I chose to purchase four euro square pillows. I used the blue floral fabric I initially chose. 

The Room’s coming Together

slipcovered couch-2

I’m nearly there! The projects I’ve completed are: painting the walls, recovering chair cushion, re-upholstering chair, painting bench, painting table, recovering the ottoman. I have a few more projects to then be able to show you the whole room reveal. From English Country to French Country…I’m loving the serene new look.

slipcovered couch-3

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