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Saturday InspirationsHello all! This is Labor Day weekend, and at A Delightsome Life that means family reunion time! Dearest’s family has been getting together for 69 years! Isn’t that something! It is such a fun time for the family to get together, play games, eat good food and connect. So, I have been thinking of things one could do for picnics and family gatherings! Do you have family reunions? If so, what’s your favorite part?

Here’s what I found to share with you:

65-Desserts-To-Bring-To-a-PicnicWhat to bring to a picnic or family gathering can be a daunting prospect, unless you have that recipe everyone asks for year after year. Want to change it up? Check out these dessert recipes at Cupcakes and Kale Chips.

PulledPorkFor100MainEach year, we have a whole pig roasted in a pit, then the meat is shredded to be topped with homemade sauce. I loved how this recipe for pulled pork was presented at Behind the Bites.

cooler cornThis idea just intrigued me – I have to share this with Dearest! Cooking corn on the cob in a cooler! What an idea!

30PastaSaladsCollage (1)Over the years, the family reunion fare has been traditional southern comfort food. Of late, there have been more ‘healthy’ dishes. Many of these are salads and pasta salads. These recipes look marvelous – shared at Family Food and Travel. 

screenshot_1205Do you want to go Southern traditional…check out this round up of recipes at Deep South Dish…you’ll certainly find something to please your crowd.

BBQChickenCrowd_1_4This one’s for Dearest. One of his responsibilities – among many – is to clean the chicken that will be grilled. He cleans 200 Lbs. of chicken. This bar-b-que recipe found at Patio Daddio looks amazing!

sweet potato casseroleThis is my recipe for Sweet Potato Casserole every one asks for. I will be making this to take to a community picnic on Monday. It’s one that I make without measuring…I’ve been doing this for so long. The folks love the dessert-like crust and sweet souffle texture of the sweet potatoes. 

Well, here we go – family reunion time – it’s going to be a fun weekend. I hope you have a fantastic one yourself! 

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