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I was cleaning out  the closet under the stairs. I’m not sure if I’ve shared – this house is closet and storage poor. From what I’ve been told when houses were built many, many years ago they taxed according to the number of rooms and closets were considered rooms. Most people used trunks and wardrobes for clothing etc… The attic is pretty decent and we have a dirt cellar – not much gets stored there!

Magnolia branches and candles with graphics

I found quite a number of candles I’ve collected over the years to use for holiday decorating – mostly greenery and such.

Reusing items from year to year certainly helps the budget!

typography on parchment on candlesI’ve been wanting to do a craft with graphics, especially typography – easily found on The Graphics Fairy – graciously free to us! I chose to use Parchment Paper – the cooking kind. I cut the sheets to fit the printer and carefully, very carefully printed onto the parchment.

Graphics on candlesI am loving the aged, faded look that resulted. These graphics are just taped on the candles – I can reuse them for Christmas or any other occasion. I cut three branches from a Magnolia tree – I love the soft seed pods. It’s another sign of Autumn.

count your blessings graphic on candlesThis graphic turned out too big for one candle, but perfect for three – I just adjusted my plans. We make the best of what we have – truly counting our blessings as we go. We can decorate for the seasons, in a thrifty, economical way – that will bring delight to ourselves and to our family.

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The Graphics Fairy

Font used – Respective and Respective Swashes

Pixlr – photo editing

Alphabet typography

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