Seasonal decorating can be done in the living room, dining room and bedroom. Here's how I added autumnal touches to my bedroom

This weekend it will be officially Autumn.

bedroom flower arrangement

whether we’re ready for it or not.

Several are staging dramatic changes throughout their homes heralding Autumn’s glory. I’m looking forward to seeing their home tours!

bedroom dresser top

In our Master bedroom – the changes are subtle and warm.

It’s all about color and mood.

bedroom bed

The first to change over was the bedspread – from a summery, ruffly white – to a soft, warm blue-green.

And there’s the neutrals

bedroom statue

Autumn is all about color, but it is also about the shades of browns and tans…the neutrals.

My pillows reflect the neutral changes.

bedroom pillows

Touches of red and gold appearing here and there…

bedroom tea setI took a piece of fabric and filled a frame I found at a garage sale and used the frame as a tray for teacups and teapot.

bedroom chair cushionI love finding pillow shams at Goodwill to use them here and there in my decor – This windowseat is a lovely place to read and to catch the southern exposure-especially in winter. Or to daydream, nap or catch up on my blogging friends!

Things unchanged…

bedroom lampMy new lamp –

bedroom mantelThe mantel – I love the romantic quote – the patina on the tray and the heart made from Pistachio nut shells.

bedroom tea by chair

I can see myself enjoying this autumnal look in our Master bedroom.

bedroom pillows 2

These pillows seem to go very well with each season.

bedroom side windowI simply set this painting on the dresser top and added the silk flower arrangement, the topiary I made and a beeswax candle in a small grapevine wreath. I considered adding pumpkins – little white ones, but decided they could go in another room. Subtle and simple in this room.

bedroom fireplace viewJust a few small changes here and there…

I’m liking the simple approach to my seasonal Master bedroom decor this year.

French Impression

You can see the changes made earlier this year as I painted different pieces of furniture in our Master Bedroom – with a French influence

French Impressions Part I

French Impressions Part II

French Impressions Part III

French Impressions Part IV



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