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Serene SundayMissing Those We Love

Maybe this will seem a bit morbid, but I have been more and more aware of my mortality of late. I suppose there’s a point in time when we realize, we don’t live forever – in our present state. Earlier this year, my sister’s husband passed away quite unexpectedly. We didn’t know how sick he was. Then a dear friend passed away a couple weeks later. Death will come to us all. 

For Those Who Know Christ as Savior

The knowing that some day I will see Jesus face to face brings a joy I can’t explain. I know, as a Christian the day that I die – is the day I am living for. I will begin eternity with God because of Jesus and will be reunited with those who have professed their faith in Jesus. I’ve even thought I’d love for many of my loved ones to be hear – death for a Christian is the closest thing to heaven for those we leave behind.

Those We Leave Behind

Although I know what lies before me when I die, I also know what it is like to remain and to miss someone I love so much. That’s the hard part. That part gives real meaning to the phrase – bitter-sweet. It is sweet to know that the one you love is joyfully in heaven, it is bitter here on earth to live without them. So, for those I love, I hope I live a good long time! I also want to know what it is like to live to a ‘ripe old age’; I also want to be a grandmother and hopefully a great-grandmother. 

Missing Those We Loved

Daddy has been gone twenty years now and mom sixteen. Grandma died in between, my brother died not too long ago. What got my mind to thinking about this was a discussion my husband said he had with our son. My son told him that he barely remembers my dad. He can’t even remember what his voice sounded like. That made me think there are so many things about my dad my children don’t know. He wasn’t a perfect man, but he was a very good man who loved his family a lot. He taught me a lot and instilled certain things within me.

What Do We Want To Be Remembered For…

My thoughts kept moseying along a trail…what will I be remembered for? Will I see grandchildren and what will the remember of me? Life comes down to just a few things…how we live, how we love and the memories we leave behind. Things left behind can stir memories, but they’re few and will be particular to that person. For instance, Daddy left a silver letter opener that belonged to my great-grandfather – this stirred memories within him that he shared with me. 

What Do We Live For?

Time is passing by so fast, time spent with loved ones is so critical. What we leave behind will only be the memories – not really physical things in property or wealth…those will pass away and what we counted as precious, someone else might not. Leave a mark on the heart of your children and grand children. Create memories and moments that they’ll recall and share. Teach them to cherish what’s most important, that is the ones we love around us. My brother-in-law instilled so much of himself into his young son – he spent a lot of time with him and my sister – that time spent is showing in what that boy knows and what my sister and her son share of him. Our hearts hurt when we lose someone, but memories, love and character…that remain. Live each day with those in mind – what’s truly worthwhile. If you know Jesus as your Savior, then that goodbye is temporary – and there will be a hello that will last for all eternity.

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