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demijohn kitchen desk chalkboard give thanks quote

and the versatile Olive Bucket

demijohn on kitchen desk blue chalk paint olive bucket tattoo mat

For quite some time I have seen these dreamy decorative items shared both on Blogs and in magazines. And I have dreamed of owning my own some day.

French Cottage farm style kitchen demijohn olive bucket

That day arrived on Friday – my first day at the Country Living Fair.

demijohn chalkboard thanksgiving quote wire baskets silver french country cottage farmhouse style

My daughter and I strolled through the winding wooded lane looking at the awesome variety of treasures displayed by the vendors. I have great admiration for them – they do such a lovely job displaying – drawing you in….

But, I already had a destination in mind.

I waited until after lunch to share with my daughter that there were a couple of things I really wanted to pick up – she had an event to attend later that evening and I knew I needed her help.

Anne Sloan Chalk Paint, Dining room furniture, painted furniture, Graphic Fairy, bee wreath graphic, decoupage, bread dough bowl, white pumpkin, French Country decor, rustic

So, swiftly we wound our way in the direction of the vendor I knew at least had one of the items I wanted – The Bread Bowl, I shared with you earlier this week. And the other item I hoped he had.

demijohn crape myrtle branches kitchen French Country Cottage style

The demijohn…also known as dame jeanne or la bonbonne.

kitchen desktop chalkboard demijohn wire baskets french country cottage farmhouse style

I love the French language – things are either made feminine or masculine. I was so delighted to discover that the demijohn is made feminine in the French language – la bonbonne. These are large glass bottles meant to transport wine, oil or even molasses. Most of the time these bottles are either wrapped in wicker or crated. Their history dates back a very long time and there’s a romantic legend involving Queen Jeanne of Normandy. I love romantic legends.

wire baskets egg basket silver demijohn chalkboard french country cottage kitchen farmhouse

So, there she was tucked in the corner with some of her sisters.

olive bucket annie sloan chalk paint desk demijohn french country farmhouse cottage kitchen

I had quite the time choosing which one – long neck, short neck, slightly ribbed and one that was green. The vendor encouraged the green one saying it is harder to find…kind of wish I’d bought two now…but, I would not have been able to carry two home.

I chose this one with the ever so light green tinge and the slightly long neck.

French Country Cottage kitchen demijohn olive bucket chalkboard pot tower

I am quite satisfied.

Once chosen and purchased – we wound our way to the car…

Darling Daughter carrying la bonbonne and the Bread Dough Bowl. Dearest Darling Daughter valiantly followed as I happily made my way to and through the parking lot. Tired, heavy?! Pshaw – I was moved by joy! Those of you who went know it was very full and busy – so we had quite the trek to the car.

Once safely placed in the backseat of the car

wire basket silverware french country cottage kitchen farmhouse style

we made our way casually through the vendors – beginning at the beginning. It was there I found the wire egg basket and rotating silverware basket…They’ll come in handy this Christmas!

There also were several olive buckets.

Demijohn olive bucket annie sloan chalk paint desk chalkboard french country cottage kitchen

On that day, I passed on them thinking I’d have another chance next year.

But on the next day prior to meeting with my fellow Bloggers

olive bucket tattoo mat peacock park designs annie sloan chalk paint

I made my way back to that vendor, hoping to find an Olive Bucket…thinking I just couldn’t pass this up! There were none. I did find something that would make a great Christmas gift and got in line. As I was jovially talking with others in line, I noticed a couple girls looking at lovely scarves. I was vaguely interested thinking, ‘I could make that…’ then I saw it. At the edge of the booth holding several scarves was an Olive Bucket. My heart leapt and began to beat faster. I couldn’t leave my spot – nearly at the cashier, so I prayed, ‘don’t see it, don’t see it…’ to my fellow shoppers. When I reached the cashier I casually asked, ‘is that Olive Bucket holding the scarves for sale?’

Oh, yes…she replied.

olive bucket demijohn french country cottage kitchen farmhouse style annie sloan chalk paint

I want it! Immediately I walked over and began to empty it of the scarves and the girl came over to help. Could anyone detect my inner laughter and glee?! I don’t know, but I do know afterwards I walked around with a very happy smile.


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