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Serene SundayA Different Walk

Paul in his letter to the Ephesians emphasizing that our life should be a praise to our Lord Jesus. He recounted the marvelous gift we have been given – Salvation through Christ and how that makes all the difference. 

Paul reminded the Ephesians of a few things.

  • Before ‘the foundations of the world’ God chose us. That is God chose every one to be given the opportunity to accept the free gift of Salvation
  • Before time began – God decided that we would be ‘adopted’ into the family of God through His Son Jesus
  • Through Christ we are accepted, beloved, redeemed and forgiven

With this knowledge, Paul taught that the Ephesians’ life should be different. he reminded him that they ‘walked’ a different walk according to a different leading. Now, led by the Spirit of God – we’re to walk a whole new way – to the glory of God. Our lives now represent God – that we should walk, talk and behave to honor Him.

Paul prayed that the Ephesians would grow in their understanding and knowledge of Jesus and the new life given through him. That the power to walk this life actually comes from God Himself. That He demonstrated His great love toward us  and that is how we should demonstrate our love to others through Him.

Paul reminded the Ephesians – that before Christ – there was no difference in their life than in those they now live among who are non-believers. But, because they heard the message, believed and accepted Christ – they were now different and should grow and become more like Christ.

What should that look like:

Chapter 4:22-

  • Put off the ‘old man’ and put on the ‘new’ through Christ
  • Speak the truth to every one
  • Don’t give way to the Devil in allowing him or those working on his behalf to affect you
  • work hard for what you get
  • Speak well – let your words be good – no ‘corrupt language’
  • do not harbor or retain bitterness, wrath, anger and evil speaking
  • To be kind, tenderhearted, forgiving

All of this is because of what God did for us – through Christ. We are to mirror to others the love, the tenderheartedness and forgiveness we accepted from God.

“Walk in love, as Christ hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling savor”. 

We need to remember where we were and who we were before Christ. We need to remember not to go back to that person. Through Christ we are new, we are adopted and we should now reflect Him. To all – this most especially concerns those in our family.

This life isn’t going to be easy. We don’t know what Paul’s ‘thorn in the flesh was’, but we do know it could have hindered him – if he let it. Instead, he was thankful for it – so that he could be reminded of the man he was, the man he became through Christ. Our love, our forgiveness, our strength to walk this life comes from God Himself. In Ephesians 6:10 – we are told to ‘put on the whole armor’. The way to do that is -daily through reading God’s word — letting that infuse us and by praying. Talking to God and acknowledging Him in our life. We’re here now to represent Him – to love Him and to love others – for Him.

There should be a difference in our life – a change – a different walk.


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