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Serene SundayWeddings and Father’s Day

This past week has been a special time for our family. We celebrated the wedding of our son and his bride. This is our last child to get married. We feel so blessed in the children God gifted us in our family and now doubly blessed in the spouses they all chose. I know God’s hand has been in it all.

This makes me think of the wonderful Wedding Supper of the Lamb. How that we all are going to celebrate as the Bride of Christ – we are His gift. And at the same time, this will be an awesome time for God the Father – the ultimate Father’s Day.

Life here is wonderful. We are gifted with so much beauty and the chance to love one another. Love is truly that thing that will change the world. I am so delighted to have come to know God – to have accepted Christ as my personal Savior. It means so much more to me that those whom I love so dearly here on earth have found that same relationship. We will know each other forever.

We had such a joyous time celebrating our sons wedding – just as much joy and fun when our daughters got married. I can just imagine how wonderful it will be when we all celebrate with Jesus. 

Today, is Father’s Day, and I’m also thinking of Dad. One of the sayings he used to say to all five of us children was, ‘if you…(usually rub his back or brush his hair) I’ll dance at your wedding…” Well, he’s long been in Heaven now and I know time is not as relative there as it is here…I’m sure the parting will be just a moment. I miss Dad and Mom…but I’m so looking forward to the reunion, to celebrating with them. 

I am so grateful to God for His wonderful gift of Salvation. I am amazed just how much God loves us; the lengths that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit went to so that we can have a relationship with them. 

That should start your day with anticipation and amazement. That should ground you in knowing just how important you are – to God. That should give you confidence that you’re just the way you’re supposed to be – that you’re important to your Heavenly Father. 

Fathers here on earth can somewhat mirror that wonderful love. I am so thankful that God gave me Dearest – that God blessed our home with three wonderful children. It has always been important to me that the children have a good relationship with their father. And they do. I see it. I see the joy and happiness in my husband’s eyes when he spends time with his children. 

Can you just imagine the joy and happiness in God’s eyes. Some day, we’ll see that and experience that face-to-face.

Today, cherish your fathers; if they’re passed on like mine – cherish their memories. The greatest gift we can give God our Heavenly Father is to live a life that honors him. The greatest gift we can give our fathers is to do just the same. 

Weddings…Fathers Day and joy. Can you just imagine?

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