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Serene Sunday

The life of David expressed in the Bible teaches us many things.

David is known as the man after God’s own heart. Why is that? If you dig and read about David and read the Psalms ascribed to him you can see it. David wasn’t a man after God’s own heart because he was perfect. He wasn’t. David wasn’t a man after God’s own heart because his life was perfect. It wasn’t. David wasn’t a man after God’s own heart because of position. It was constantly in peril. David had many real enemies constantly plotting against him. David lived in a time of great strife. Then what was it about David? Here are my thoughts.

I’m going to look at Psalm 63

David acknowledged God as his God. Not only do we need to acknowledge God, but we also need to know that it’s also a personal relationship. He is our God.

David sought God early. Now that can be early in the day or early in a situation. The important part here is that David had a constant, early prayer life.

David’s soul thirsted for God. That’s a deep need and a deep longing. Do you have that? You know what it feels like to be thirsty. Do you have a deep desire and need for God in your life? Or do life’s distractions gain your attention?

David’s soul and flesh longed for God. As Christians, believers, this is not our home. We’re adopted into God’s family and our home now is with Him. Do you desire to be with him. Do you long for God.

David wanted to see God’s power and glory in his life. Do you deeply want to see God working in your life? Or again, do the daily things of life gain more of your attention than God does? Do you want to see God use you to make a difference in this life?

David saw God in the Sanctuary. Do you attend a church and are part of a church family. The church is very, very important. It is the family Jesus left behind to become one; to work together; to encourage one another and to represent Him.

David praised God. David didn’t blame God for his enemies or his troubles. He knew that God was sovereign in his life. David fully understood that despite his faults that God knew every thing about him and loved him more than he could comprehend. David found great joy and comfort in that knowledge.

David determined to be a blessing and to bless God while he lived. Even though we have several Psalms where David cries out to God for deliverance, David always ended in trusting and praising God despite the outcome. Jesus said there would be troubles because we believed in Him. Yet in John 17 he specifically prayed to God the Father for ALL who would believe.

David began his day praising and ended his day with reflection on God. David had great experience in trusting God. He reflected – meditated on God at the close of his day. This knowledge gave him joy. He had joy and confidence in God because he experienced a life of trust in Him – no matter what.

David’s soul followed hard after God. In all of our pursuits are we imitating David? Do we follow hard after God? Is God our first thought and praise and our last thought and praise – every day?

The last few verses of Psalm 63 speak of David’s enemies. They were always present. But God was always present and was supreme in David’s life.

We too can have a life of praise for God. Despite all that occurs around us – our total focus – our total purpose in life is to praise God through every circumstance. Do you find joy in your relationship with God? Do you seek Him early; do you acknowledge Him in your life with praise?

I see in myself many things I can improve. I so want my life to be a praise for God. I do desire that He will use me. I don’t want to be so carried away by circumstances around me that they draw my attention away from His purpose. We are all special to Him. We are all unique to Him and we all can be like David – we can be people after God’s own heart.

Two commandments Jesus left behind – Love God with all that we are…and love others…no matter who they are. I believe if we reflect on these things found in David and love God greatly as well as others. We can confidently stand before God and hear, ‘well done’.

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