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A Sweet Surprise Becomes a Lovely Pumpkin Patch

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A Lovely Pumpkin Patch

Have you every had a project that spurred a whole new, different project; one that brought you a sweet surprise? I just did! I have four chairs that I purchased a few years back that needed some refreshing. The chairs need strengthening, painting and reupholstering. As I was removing the fabric I discovered a beautiful pink velvet fabric underneath! Immediately I knew I had some wonderful fabric to make some pumpkins!

Former Fabric Pumpkins

I love the fabric pumpkins I’ve made before and will bring them out to decorate my home for the fall. They’re pretty easy to make. I basically followed the tutorial I shared when making the French Stamp Fabric Pumpkins.

Blue and White Pumpkin

Then I decided to make a large fabric pumpkin! This beautiful blue and white floral fabric was the perfect candidate! This method for making pumpkins can result, as you can see, in pumpkins of various sizes and of various types of fabric.

Pink velvet pumpkins for fall decor a DIY project at A Delightsome Life

Making Pink Velvet Pumpkins

After I removed the fabric I washed it. It was a bit dusty from the pressed wood seat (not a great fan of this pressed wood stuff!) Once it was dry I noticed that it had some fade spots, that didn’t bother me. The first thing I did was to use my mat and rotary cutter to create as many rectangles as I could. They were not all the same size. I did try to make the width at least half of the length. That didn’t bother me because I envisioned sweet little pink pumpkins of various sizes. 

DIY Pink Velvet Pumpkins for fall decor at A Delightsome Life

Easy Step-by-Step Process for Making Fabric Pumpkins

After cutting all of the fabric into rectangles I sewed a seam along the width of each making a tube. The first pumpkin I made didn’t work out (have you ever heard the phrase – the first pancake never works out right?) The problem was I tried to recycle stuffing by using stuffing from an old pillow that was too thick. To make pumpkins with fabric you need soft fiber or cotton stuffing. I started over! I do keep a few pillows that we no longer use – that I was able to clean to recycle their stuffing! So, I had another pillow with the just right stuffing for the pumpkins.

  • Measure and cut fabric to rectangular shapes (length about 2x width)
  • Sew width sides together forming a tube
  • Cut width in half, third or leave to make various sized pumpkins -fabric should be inside out
  • Hand sew one end with a running stitch and draw the thread together to gather the fabric – secure with a knot and turn right side out
  • Set the fabric on the table surface and spread out like a bowl
  • Using soft filling such as fiber or cotton, make a donut shape with the filling (you’ll want it to be thinner in the center) and place the filling in the fabric. Don’t compact the filling because you’ll want it to have great gather wrinkles (best way I can describe it) when you close the top
  • Repeat the step you used to close the bottom by sewing a running stitch along the top and gather the fabric together. There may be a hole exposing the filling – that’s perfectly fine.
  • Selecting your pumpkin stem. You can use sticks from your garden. I selected stems from the grapevine wreath I deconstructed for the Cotton Boll Wreath I recently made.
  • Secure the stem to the fabric pumpkin with hot glue. I added pretty fabric trim I had on hand around the stem to add interest.
  • Make Leaves with green Crape paper or with green craft paper. I love the flexibility and the texture of the crape paper.
  • Some of the pumpkins had pink cording as decor in the center or as a trailing vine. 

making DIY pumpkins for fall decor from upcycled fabric at A Delightsome Life

Decorating with Pink Velvet Pumpkins

I now have a dozen sweet little pumpkins to decorate with! I’m experimenting with where to put them. They would beautifully complement the look in the pink guest bedroom or they’ll be lovely in my green office/guest bedroom. Perhaps I’ll decorate both rooms!

Pink velvet pumpkins DIY project at A Delightsome Life

Unexpected finds are fun! Finding joy in creating a lovely home decorated with found, recycled, upcycled objects is a wonderful thing to do! Decorating seasonally doesn’t have to be costly. Look around at your home at what you have. Do you have something that can be repurposed? Let me know what you like to do and how you like to decorate for fall!

Pink Velvet Pumpkins from upcycled fabric for fall decor at A Delightsome Life

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