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Serene Sunday

I don’t believe that there has ever been a time where we have been so inundated with a whirlwind of voices telling us what we need to think, to do, to be, to dream of, to want, to purchase, to plan for, to…you name it.

We’re so connected that I believe without realizing it – we can become disconnected.

This is a new year and the beginning of a new decade.

Many will look at in different ways.

Some will approach this new year and new decade with lists of plans and ideas, while others will scoff and say it’s much ado about nothing.

Yet, we’re inundated with thoughts and ideas of what we should be and what we should have and what we should strive for.

No wonder so many find a lack of peace in their lives.

There are a few things that when we find ourselves caught un in this whirlwind that I believe we should do.

Pause. Breathe. Reflect. and Focus

Pause – who are you listening to? Whose voice gets your attention? Is it the world’s voices in all their plans that they want to get you drawn up into? Is it your own voice caught up in the worries of this world? Or is it God’s voice?

David, in the book of Proverbs instructs us to seek wisdom. He instructs us to seek wisdom with all our hearts, mind and being. To be able to seek God’s wisdom, we need to pause and to focus our attention on those words.

As you are pausing – think on those things that God instructs you. Are your current thoughts and actions aligned with His? Or are you pulled and drawn in so many directions. Pause.


Let go of all the thoughts and plans of others. Rest and focus on those things you read from God’s word to gain understanding. Seek understanding. When you do you need to pause, rest and breathe. Are those other voices leading you down that path God has before you? Are they leading you to a path of peace and rest? Evaluate whether these sage advisors are true. Do their advice and plans aid you in the path God has for your life? Or, are you so drawn and caught up in all these voices that you’ve lost track of where you are and should be with God. Pause. Breathe.


Reflect on those things God has put in His word for you. Do those other’s voices weigh in the balance of good ideas for you to follow that are aligned with what God has for you? If not, depart from those ways. Depart from those ideas that don’t belong in your life. Let them go. Guard what comes into your heart and mind through all these voices. Evaluate whether they belong and fall in line with what you know comes from God.


How do we let go of all these things? How do we know what God has planned and in store for us? How do we know what God’s will for us in our life includes.


Go to His word. All we need we already have in His word.What God instructs for us is right there. Wonderfully, what we need we will find because God knows what we need and will reveal it to us when we truly seek for it.

We can’t simply sit and allow all these voices to crowd our heart and mind. We have to be diligent about what we allow. If it doesn’t fit – don’t let it in.

O.K., so I said it is simple, and it is. But, we do have to be aware and put on a guard over our hearts and minds. We do have to basically become the security guard of our lives.

Being at peace with God takes effort. It takes daily and sometimes hourly efforts. In this world where we’re inundated with so much information we have to be more guarded than we realize. Don’t just let all this information soak into your life. Guard your heart and mind. Take time each day to sit, read God’s word and evaluate where you are.

Find true joy and peace through God. Let Him show you the path you need to take and keep to that path. Let all the noise of the voices all around you fall away. Focus your heart and mind on God. He knows all about you. He knows your thoughts, your decisions, your actions, your wants and your needs.

He will give you wisdom, discernment and clarity of mind. Can you just imagine it? Having complete and total peace in your life. It’s possible. Take stock of your life with God. Acknowledge your good and your bad decisions. Determine with Him your path. If you don’t see it all now – wait on Him. He’s teaching you something in your life. So, pause, reflect, and focus your attention on Him. Breathe in the peace that truly only comes from God. He’ll instruct you in all that you should do.

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