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This was my dream as our family is being blessed and growing. I dreamt of a table that we all could sit comfortably with room to grow. I shared this dream with my family when we gathered for family and holiday meals. We’d sit at the antique table that I inherited from my parents. It’s quite stunning, but not big enough to sit comfortably.

The family agreed but questioned just how big could it be. They wondered whether the dining room was big enough. I saw it in my imagination. I dreamt of it and yes, I believed.

Custom Made by 135 Custom Furniture

I have the blessing to have a Son-in-law who builds furniture. Amazing furniture. Whatever his clients can dream up, he can build. So, I shared my dream with the family and him.

I wanted a table that could easily seat ten to twelve people, comfortably. One day Dearest asked me just how long this table would be. So, we moved the dining table out and I set out place settings on the floor. I spaced them out so that there was plenty of room for each guest. I was also trying not to be too greedy on size.

Our dining table extended to eight feet and was 42 inches wide. I thought if we added length, we could still have the table at least that wide. I even researched the width of large tables and they varied with 36 inches being the least. I thought 36 inches was too narrow.

I love having enough space to seat our whole family at our new Farmhouse Style Dining Table - at A Delightsome Life

So, when measuring I thought we could do nine feet. I shared this with Dearest who looked at my efforts and said, ‘how about 10 feet?’ My heart lept. Yes, I’d love 10 feet, but would it work? I spread out the place settings just a bit more and imagined a 10-foot table. Yes! Yes! our dining room could accommodate a 10-foot table.

Having an extra large dining table with enough seating for the whole family on A Delightsome Life

Then Dearest asked how wide. I shared 42 inches. He said, ‘how about 4 feet?’ His vision became mine – a very large table for the family! Yes, this would be perfect! A 10-foot by 4-foot dining table.

Farmhouse Family Style

What did I want it to look like? Farmhouse style of course! I love the look of those big, chunky legs and a medium to dark stained top. Oh, my dream table was coming to fruition.

Then my Dearest and Son-in-law conspired. They worked together to bring about my dream Farmhouse style large family-sized table. My Son-in-law asked me what stain I’d like and whether I wanted the legs painted. I chose a medium stain and white legs.

As my Son-in-law was making the table he’d send progress pictures. There it was my dream becoming reality!

Farmhouse Table with Benches

Then the day came when he and my daughter were coming by so he could deliver the table. They came in his truck and I saw the frame and top of the table disassembled. There it was!

Large Farmhouse Style dining table with benches custom made by 135 Custom Furniture for A Delightsome Life

It is not only very large but also very heavy. My other Son-in-law and daughter, of course, were here too. So all three combined, Dearest and two Sons-in-law brought in this very large, very heavy table. Then my Son-in-law began to center and to level the table before he assembled it. He wanted to make sure everything was just right. Then he surprised me by bringing in two benches! These two benches would sit on one side of the table! This is so perfect! I could have guests sit comfortably on one side and have all the chairs on the other side! I could also use these benches throughout the house when we’d have party guests! Perfect.

A large enough Farmhouse style dining table to comfortably sit 10 to 12 guests. Custom table by 135 Custom Furniture for A Delightsome Life

Then it happened. Our first family gathering where Dearest and I, all three of our children and their spouses, granddaughter and my Father and Mother-in-law were over for dinner. Not only did we have room for all of us, but also for all the food we set family-style on the table! Usually, I would have to set some of the dishes on a side table.

Large Family Dining Table

My dream became a reality! I now have my very large family-sized Farmhouse dining table with room to grow.

Setting the table for the whole family is easy now with an extra large Farmhouse style table custom made by 135 Custom Furniture

I want to thank Dearest and my Son-in-law Barak Wood of 135 Custom Furniture for my wonderful new family Farmhouse Dining Table. He made my dream come true! You’ve seen other creations by my Son-in-law through the years. He made this large tray, this chalkboard, and this blanket ladder. You should check out all the wonderful creations he’s made for his clients over the years. They so love his work that they keep coming back for more! If you’re dreaming of a custom-made Farmhouse table, headboard, mantel, barn door or anything else, he can make your dream come true.

This is not a sponsored post. This is a testimonial and all thoughts shared are my own.

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