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Life Happens to Us All

Some people assume that nothing bad should happen to a  Christian. After all, Christians claim that God loves them. They claim that God is their Father – in control of all things. Surely, a loving God will not allow bad things to happen to their children. Have you heard that before.

All Things Come to All Alike

Life happens to us all. This world is set for all to enjoy and to make the best of their life. Good and bad happen to all people in their lifetimes whether they believe in God or not…but, there’s a significant difference. This life is not it. This life is not the aim of our life…it is the life to come after we die.

“All things come alike to all: there is one event to the righteous and to the wicked: to the good and to the clean, and to the unclean; to him that sacrificeth, and to him that sacrificeth not: as is the good, so is the sinner; and he that swarth, as he that feareth an oath”. Ecclesiastes 9:2

What is the Difference Then?

Hope. Those who believe in God know that through Jesus Christ all has been taken care of in the life to come. There is a surety that this life is not the purpose of our life – it is a journey to it. Those who don’t believe in God or in His Son Jesus don’t have this hope. Several have come to the conclusion that they themselves can make their own way to God or believe that they can be as God and decide their own fate.

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon separates those who believe and those who don’t as ‘the living and the dead’. Those who believe in Jesus are made new through His sacrifice – they’re the living…and those who don’t most likely don’t know…

“For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they and more reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love and their hatred, and their envy is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun” Ecclesiastes 9:5-6

All things will come to an end. What people strive for and build while here on this earth – will die away…but, those who live and strive who know Jesus – their work – the work that matters – will have a reward. That is – to live their life as a reflection of Christ and to follow Him – to point others to Him – and to do what He did – love God and love others…has great reward.

So Then How Shall We Live

Enjoy your life; Work Hard; Live Right; Love Others

“Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works. Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment. Live joyfully with the wife  whom thou loves all the days of the life of thy vanity, which he hat given thee under the sun, all the days of thy vanity: for that is thy portion in this life, and in the labor which thou takest under the sun. Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, wither thou goest.” Ecclesiastes 9:7 – 10

Life Will Happen to Us All

The rewards of this life will happen to all. The tragedy and pain of this life can happen to us all. God nor Jesus ever promised a life filled with riches and ease once believing in Him. On the contrary, Jesus said those who follow Him would be despised and persecuted – those who don’t understand may hate believers – because of Jesus’ sake. Do we live in sadness and fear, no! Absolutely not. We live in understanding and compassion…as long as there’s breath and if they totally haven’t shut their hearts toward God…there’s hope for them.

“I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill, but time and chance happeneth to them all”. Ecclesiastes 9:11

Live Your Life With Peace and Joy

So, knowing that good and bad will happen to us all as we live. We can experience pain and sorrow…but not one that will overcome or overtake us. There’s hope. The day begins a new full of opportunity. But, the most important thing is the new day, the new opportunities and even in the new potential tragedies…we have a relationship, we have a hope with and in God. You’re never alone. You can have that peace that passeth al understanding through all events in your life…knowing that we can trust God in all things…for this life is not it.

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee” Isaiah 26:3

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