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Inexpressible Joy

Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory,obtaining the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your souls.” I Peter 1:8-9

I remember that moment when I first believed and understood the incredible love of God toward us and at that moment, specifically towards me. How incredible the knowledge that God so loved us and so wanted a relationship that He was willing to pay all the costs. He was willing to do all the work to bring us, me to Him. He was willing and Jesus Christ was willing to pay for all my sins and for all the sins of all in the world. All I had to do was to acknowledge my need, believe and receive this amazing gift.

It’s no wonder that we can come to deeply love God when we know how deeply we are loved. Sometimes, however, our eyes and our thoughts can be focused on the here and now. We can focus on the everyday problems and become tired and discouraged.

We need not do that. The incredible thing is Jesus not only saved us so that we might have an eternal life with Him, but he also saved us so that we could currently live through and for Him despite life’s trials. And He said there would be trials. Some of these trials will be hard. But, they’re not our focus.

Our focus is and should always be Him. When we first come to belief we need to continue to learn and to grow so that we can deeply understand. We need to fully understand the immeasurable power and strength given to us through the presence of Jesus in our lives.

Our focus should be on Him and increasing our love for Him. Ponder the thoughts of how amazing God’s grace is toward us. Deeply think upon all that He’s shared when you read His word. And see. See with your eyes, your heart and with your mind what is important and truly real. Life has it’s ups and downs and difficulties – but they are not the main thing. See. See what glorious joy is surrounding you. See what glorious hope is filling you. See what incredible love is bestowed upon you. And stand. Stand firm in your faith focused on Him. See that through Him nothing is impossible and perhaps through your difficult times He’s given you the opportunity to shine for Him. See. See what life is ultimately all about.

We go beyond ourselves when we see that we have a greater purpose in our lives – we’re Here to reflect, honor and glorify the God whom loves us and whom we love. We’re also here to shine for Him so that others can see and believe.

Knowing this and these things. Knowing His love and our purpose gives us inexpressible joy. Joy that God wishes a relationship with us and entrusts with us His reputation. Joy that all things do ultimately work out for good. Joy that each day is a gift to fully understand God’s love and to fully live our best for Him.

Because as in verse 9 – we know that one day we’ll receive the reward and result of our faith – our salvation. One day, we’ll see Jesus face to face and know completely.

Believing exercises a lot of faith. Every body expresses some type of faith whether it is in God or in believing that there is no God. That to me expresses a lot of faith. But God shared and gave so much so that we understand. The world around us declares His glory. So, if you believe, dig deep into your faith. Learn of Him and about Him. Live your life filled with inexpressible joy knowing…you are loved and will one day see Jesus – face to face.

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