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It’s Christmastime…

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I am sitting here in the quietness of the morning after our annual Christmas party. The memories of the smiles and laughter still ring throughout the rooms. We began to celebrate Christmastime with family, church members and friends. Each year it grows and we never know just who will be able to show up. 

A Family Collaboration…

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Weeks ahead of time, I begin my planning. I am in charge of the decorating and of the food. Dearest is in charge of the entertaining. It’s a beautiful collaboration. I search for recipes – end up making some of the same things (people begin to look forward to certain things!) The decorating begins shortly after Thankgsgiving. Dearest and the girls decorate the tree and I, the rest of the house! We make some rearrangements of furniture bringing in chairs from every where – it’s a good thing I have a soft spot for chairs!

One Night…

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After all of the planning and preparation, the time for the party arrives and so do the guests. They come in all dressed up, bringing an ornament – we do an ornament exchange game that is so much fun and the joyous sound of talking and laughter begins. People reacquaint themselves with one another and new friendships are made. After every one enjoys refreshments, Dearest begins his part. He plans games – it’s fun to see what he gets people to do! Dearest sings and shares from Luke chapter 2. 

One Life…


This year, he sang the song ‘One Life’, how that Jesus was one life, one hope, one wish and there was one star…how that He answered the call to seek and to save all. Many, many years ago, there was a plan and preparation was made. God the Father and Jesus made the decision to choose a relationship with us – with all who would choose them back and accept their gift of salvation. Then one night, Jesus finally fulfilled that plan. Jesus took on the punishment for the sins of the world, to bring hope to all….with joy. Then presented this salvation as a gift. 

Christmastime is here….


This is a very special time. Not in the planning in the decorating and in the food. Not in the bought presents under the tree, but in the joy this time brings when we celebrate and remember the best gift of all – Jesus Himself. I am oftentimes in awe – at the thought that God the Father and Jesus knows me. That many, many years ago they thought of me in their planning and preparation for a relationship one day. It is so personal…they did it for me and they did it for you.

Each year, Dearest and I plan and prepare. We bring people together to share and to celebrate. Some day, there will be another gathering. All who love Jesus and the Father will be called home. They’re planning and preparing for that get together – that party…with joy and anticipation. We all have this one life to live to the best of our ability and thank God, through Jesus we can make this one life beautiful and a blessing to others. 

Do you know this One Life? Have you answered His call.

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Revelation 3:20 Jesus says, ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any many hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him and he with me.’

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