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An Act of Selfless Kindness

Last week while at work, I was helping one of our regular Patrons at the library. She had some specific work to be done and as usual, we do what we can to assist. We also carry on brief conversations – after all, these are our neighbors and friends. While conversing, I complimented this young lady on her sweater/poncho. She said, before I leave I’ll give it to you. I truly didn’t register what she said.

Later that afternoon, my Manager came to me to tell me that someone left something at the circulation desk. When I saw the sweater, I knew, this sweet Patron gifted her sweater to me. This touched my heart so and as I shared the story, this also lifted the spirits of my co-workers as well.

In today’s society there are so many people seeking after what they can get from others rather than what they can give. This sweet young lady gave us so much more than she realized. She gave us the joy of knowing that there are folks who are thoughtful, kind and selfless. 

When we later determined who this person was, my Manager recalled that her mother became good friends with her grandmother, though actually never meeting in person. This young lady’s mother liked my Manager’s grandmother’s home. They struck up conversations about the house and many other things. They developed a friendship. After my Manager’s grandmother passed away, this sweet lady gifted the family with a sweet note and flowers. My manager knew, that this young Patron was only demonstrating what she had been thought.

Imagine, what a difference each Parent could make in their child and in those they encounter. If we taught more about thoughtfulness, giving and selfless living, what kind of a world would we be living in.

This is what Jesus was telling his disciples. Go, give, expect nothing in return. Jesus wanted them to show the world what He was all about. I hope you’re encouraged by this sweet, thoughtful lady. I hope that if you’re going through something difficult, perhaps, you may take a moment to be a blessing to someone else. In doing that, not only will you spread the beautiful light of kindness to another, your heavy burdens won’t seem so heavy any more. 

In this season of Christmas, let’s focus on giving.

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