Review of book So Close to Amazing by KariAnne Wood

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Review of book So Close to Amazing by KariAnne Wood

Have you ever met someone or have you ever been in the presence of someone that their exuberant personality is so infectious that no matter your own personality or mood you feel uplifted or invigorated. Well that’s exactly how you’ll feel when you meet or hear KariAnne Wood. She simple sparkles! I contacted KariAnne years ago when I sought assistance with my blog. Then I met her at the Haven Conference in 2015. Friends at first sight – friends for life. Sisters in Christ forever!

We each are amazing. Trusting God when we can't see what's ahead and just jumping in!

So Close to Amazing

You may know her best through her blog, Thistlewood Farms. Her blog was one of those that I visited quite often before I began blogging. I was so encouraged and inspired to begin my blogging adventure by her and several other wonderful bloggers. Her style is so unique. Her heart is full of amazing stories that will have you laughing out loud, shaking your head, ‘yes‘ and at times maybe even crying. She shares her beautiful home, her awesome crafts and her love for family and God. She has been successful as a blogger in so many ways and has eagerly and enthusiastically shared with many just how they too can dream big and accomplish much with their blogs. So, it’s no surprise that KariAnne is now taking her stories, her crafts and her own brand of joyful living and weaving them all together in a marvelous book, So Close to Amazing.

we each are amazing and have our own amazing story 

More than a Book on Crafts

So Close to Amazing is a book about celebrating how we each are special in our own right. This book celebrates that each one of us are awesome in our own way. KariAnne is a marvelous storyteller. She has a way of seeing every day events as amazing acts of God in her life. And they are – in all our lives! She also admits that not all of her efforts are perfect. Just like all of us. She does, however, share how these ‘imperfections’ are all a part of the bigger picture – which is completely amazing! So close to amazing tells of these stories, moments in her life where she’s tried hard, jumped into situations and when she’s learned from simple or difficult times – God is in control. God is sovereign and His plans are always perfect. 

In this life we have the ability to enjoy our homes, our families and our friends. Life is grand! Life is a chain of moments – some better than others, as KariAnne would say, ‘so close to amazing’… but all do work together to make our own lives our own. 

You’ll definitely want to add So Close to Amazing to your collection of must have books! This book would also make an awesome gift for someone you love! You’ll love reading her stories and will truly love trying out her crafts. But that’s not all! KariAnne will be at the Haven Conference as the closing speaker! I’m going! Are you? Also, she is working on more books – I can just imagine how wonderful and even more amazing those books will be!

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