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Simple Farmhouse Styled Kitchen: For some time now, I have been envisioning taking my kitchen to a more simpler Farmhouse style…Now it’s time to take these visions and dreams to make them a reality. Transforming my kitchen to a simpler Farmhouse Style.

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I’m not sure who first said that the kitchen is the heart of the home…I agree though. I think that the kitchen is the place where we can create and demonstrate our love for our family. We can create delicious meals that will touch our family. We can create celebrations to mark anniversaries and birthdays…we create memories with time spent with family and friends…the heart of the home demonstrates the heart of the family.

In our home, my kitchen is not a part of an open concept design. This is a 1914 Craftsman styled home where the kitchen is a room all on its own. I know this kitchen has seen several transformations. A family member of a former owner told me that the kitchen was once smaller divided with a butler’s pantry.

Simple Farmhouse Styled Kitchen

In many standards, our kitchen is still small. I have precious little counter space. I hope, in this transformation to add a bit more work and storage space.  My goal is to create a serene, simple place where I and at times my family can go to create beautiful food that will bring wonderful memories.

The Vision

I have been leaning more and more to the serene palate of greys and greiges. For my kitchen, I will embrace shades of gray that will serve as beautiful backgrounds for the accessories that will change from season to season. In the spring – those soft, pastel shades; in summer, blues and whites or greens; in fall oranges, rusts and lavender; and in the winter those colors that embrace the holiday season – red and green…I can change the complementary colors as I wish and a simple, neutral palate accommodates that.

elements for a Farmhouse styled kitchen

The Elements

Farmhouse style embraces the comforts of home. Those simple and functional decor items that remind us of time spent with grandma and of a bygone era…Farmhouse style is perfect for the kitchen because it embraces what the heart of the matter is – family, coziness, comfort and simplicity.

The elements to achieve my farmhouse styled kitchen will include one of my favorite items – the Farmhouse sink. I will also embrace a simple and affordable countertop idea – concrete…Isn’t it fascinating how beautiful they are! I will also embrace white painted cabinets with open shelving.

In addition, I will add furniture – handmade and repurposed for storage and for more surface space.

The hardware will also reflect beautiful, simple Farmhouse style…

kitchen color inspiration

The Color Scheme

The color scheme will begin with the walls – I will use a very soft shade of grey that will bring out the beauty of the natural gray of the concrete countertops. The cabinets will be white. The hardwood floors – original to the home are a natural pine color. The hardware and appliances will be the contrast one might need in a mostly light, serene color scheme. I will add accents that will change from season to season.

The Accessories

For a farmhouse styled kitchen I will include those items that are typically used in a farmhouse kitchen: breadboards, crocks, colanders, dishes, and containers. Wooden spoons, some copper and more…These accessories will complement and add to the coziness of the vision – a farmhouse styled kitchen.

The Farmhouse Styled Kitchen

Timeworn. Cozy and Comfortable. Functional. Welcoming…when you design your kitchen you want one to sense and to embrace these impressions, whether they realize it or not. Creating a Farmhouse styled kitchen to reflect the heart of the home – comes from the heart of the homeowner.

One Room Challenge Mood Board

In the next few weeks, I will be sharing how I take this transformation step-by-step and I will be joining in with several others in a One Room Challenge sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens. Follow along and check out the amazing inspirational transformations shared each week.

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