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Providing seating in the garden allows you to encourage yourself and others to linger and enjoy the garden views.

“Sitting in your garden is a feat to be worked at with unflagging determination and single-mindedness – for what gardener worth his salt sits down.  I am deeply committed to sitting in the garden.” 
–  Mirabel Osler

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-IKEA-BISTRO-SET-SPRING-GARDENI love providing places to sit in the garden. I was quite delighted when I saw this Bistro set at IKEA last week – it’s beautiful, easily portable and economical!

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-VIOET-LANTERN-BOOK-TEA-SPRING-GARDENI also found this lovely lantern – there were so many wonderful decorative items for spring!


“Teach us to care and not to care.
Teach us to sit still.”
–  T.S. Eliot


“Spend the afternoon.  You can’t take it with you.”
–  Annie Dillard


“I like a view but I like to sit with my back turned to it.”
–  Gertrude Stein


“For the time being, well past noon, God, I ask that you above all leave me alone, that I might just sit here in the leaf shade, beside this wall with its swallow-thrown shadows and the easy, unmended thoughts time affords me: these solid forms of pots, flush with zinnias, and the sun patch fading          where the grass snake glides unknotted…a hallow tree…the beginning of dusk”

–  Michael McClintock, Afternoon Garden

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-IKEA-LANTERN-VIOLET-SPRING-GARDENEnjoying the beauty of the afternoon, a quiet moment reading a good book and enjoying a lovely cup of tea. To me, there’s nothing better than taking moments to sit in the garden.

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