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Painting Concrete

I love garden statuary. They’re gorgeous and they’re easy to find – in so many different styles…but, I am not so in love with the gray of concrete…Then, I was inspired by statuary in a movie to transform mine with paint…Here’s how to paint concrete statues!

how to paint concrete statues

How to Paint Concrete Statues



This was just one of those things I had in the back of my mind that I have wanted to do.
I have a few concrete garden statuary that I love –
My ladies and the angels.
I am not so in love with the look of concrete.
I know it won’t look quite the same, but in my mind
I have that scene from Pride and Prejudice where
Elizabeth is touring D’Arcy’s home. She’s looking
at the marble statuary in wonder.
statueatDarcy's home
Concrete is not as smooth as marble – but, perhaps I can
get a similar effect with color.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Concrete:

I purchased water resistant masonry paint – in white –
It is very thick and does a good job getting into the nooks and crannies.
I did this little lady first. She is about eighteen inches high – she
was my first little garden statue.
My tall lady is next.
She will be moved to where the little lady was.
She had been dwarfed by the plants growing around her.
The tall lady stands at about three feed.
I love the way they look. I put two coats of paint on them.
It took me a couple of hours to paint them – I have the Four
Seasons to do next. Some of the other garden decorations will
get a very different treatment.
I will share this with you soon!
I am not sure where I am putting my little lady –
But she does look as lovely as I had hoped.
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