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New White Garden

A while back, I shared with you my desire to create a white garden.
I was enchanted by examples I had discovered.
painted statue white
Today, I made a corner of my garden my New White Garden.

This took several hours – I had to remove a tangle of vinca, ivy and liriope that had staked their claim to this garden. We have been struggling with such invasive ground covers since we moved in. This had been a solution to a low-effort garden by one of the previous owners. 
Before, I had the four seasons here. I enjoyed them there, but I am excited by their new home – I will show you soon!
I moved my sweet little lady, that I had painted white, as the focal point. The Oakleaf hydrangea will fill in and create a backdrop for her.
Before her I placed a collection of bulbs, perennials and annuals all in white.
This sweet little garden marker has aged over the years, I love its patina.

I have braided some of the daffodils that have already spent their blooms (center of photo)


These seashells were here when we moved –
 I dig up the most interesting things in my garden.
I moved the whitewashed pots with French writing that I transformed and shared with you here. In them are the white mums that will bloom this fall.
So far, I have flowers and plants that will bloom white from spring until fall. I am thrilled.

The barn, bless my husband’s dear heart. When he was painting the house – the dark grey – he was experimenting with the paint sprayer against the wall of the barn. I think I’ll have to finish the job – you can see the shape of the trellis that once was there.

 It is now being used to support my Constance Spry rose.

Now, I have much more to do – indoors. 

Just in time a little sprinkle of rain is coming – 
I love it when God waters my garden.

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