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Having fun with my daughter

A DELIGHTSOME LIFE tea and crafts white teacup

My youngest daughter was home for the weekend and asked for some assistance on a craft project she was making for her sweetheart.

I was happy to lend a hand!


She brought some very nice scrapbook paper and tea from Teavana!

A perfect setting for fun!

A DELIGHTSOME LIFE red transfer ware teacup and tea

I used one of her scrapbook pages to make these photos…I might have to collect some!

Tea from Teavana!

My daughter had so many different teas she’d just ordered. Boy! do I miss being close to the Teavana store!

A DELIGHTSOME LIFE Teavana Tea with daughter


We chose Raw Sugar to sweeten our tea. 

A DELIGHTSOME LIFE tea and raw sugarBeautifully fragrant and delicious! Our crafting time was fun and quite delicious. I’ll show you soo what I was working on for my craft!

What tea did we choose…

A DELIGHTSOME LIFE tea typesCan you guess which I chose? 

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