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The Best Mother's Day Gift

The Best Mother’s Day Gift.

The Best Mother’s Day Gift….From the moment they could cook anything in the kitchen, our children would bring to us breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. No matter how long it took or how messy it may have been, in the beginning, it was hearing their voices talking and laughing as they prepared the meal. Then, the footsteps as they gingerly walked from the kitchen to the bedroom with their gift offering…breakfast in bed.

child mixing bowl

Then the years passed by. One by one our children grew, became adults and moved out of the home…Sometimes they’d get together to do the morning ritual, when they could. Our youngest daughter valiantly carried on the tradition from year to year…then she too married and moved away permanently. They try now to do the best they can for us….

But, sometimes I miss the sound of those little feet and the laughter. 

breakfast tray

Now, this year, my eldest daughter will celebrate her first Mother’s day. And I will celebrate not only being a Mother, but also a Grandmother…

As people are thinking about what would be the perfect, ideal Mother's Day gift...and there are some very good ideas out there...I may share some DIY crafts and suggestions. But I think in my heart that I know what the perfect Mother's Day gift could be.Click To Tweet

Mother’s give whole-heartedly everything that they are for their children. I remember Mom doing without so that all five of us would have everything that we needed. I’ve done the same thing. I know Mothers who wake early, work hard all day, keep their homes cleaned, their family dressed and fed…when at times she too may need a nap, a little extra to eat or a moment of relaxation in a bathtub.

When a woman becomes a Mother her heart is enlarged. Her cares extend to those little ones that are in her charge. Every little thing about them now becomes HUGE to the Mother. She wants her child to laugh and to play; to find joy in everything in life and to be carefree. A Mother’s heart is heart when her child is sad, or is scared or is hurt themselves.

A Mother becomes their best friend, their protector and their nurturer. Mother’s hugs do have healing powers, I believe.

There’s an exquisite joy in watching a young baby become a toddler, then become a child, a tween then a teen. Even if those years are sometimes hard and relations are tested to the limits. Mothers thrill to see their children become adults and to take on the world in their own way. Mother’s believe their children can be or do anything.

So, with all that, what gift can be given to a Mother that will be exactly what she wants? I think it’s very, very simple. A Mother wants nothing more than to see her children love and be loved. She wants to see her children laugh always. She wants to continue to hear those feet – perhaps now bigger – she wants to spend time with them; to swing with them, to walk with them and to listen to them.

Mothers want more time with their children; more hugs, more kisses and more laughter. Mothers want their children to emulate what they hold dear in their hearts. When Mother’s children become parents incredibly as it seams her heart is enlarged even more. Love is just that way. Mothers want their children to become successful parents to completely love their children and to understand and enjoy what they have known all along. Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts ever given.

So, buy your gifts of roses, candy or make your hand-printed gifts. Make your mother breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Give her a gift that you know she’ll appreciate – something that reflects her likes and habits. But, in my heart, I believe what a Mother wants most of all is time, laughter, hugs and kisses. Those things are more precious than gold and are priceless.

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