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Saturday Reviews!

Happy Saturday to you all! Here in Georgia it’s still coolish in the mornings, but we’re beginning to see warmer temperatures in the afternoons. What a year for colder weather! I know some of you are so very tired of the cold and of the snow! You have valiantly kept your positive attitude – with some humor I’ve been seeing.

yellow Iris and yellow Roses

I’m back home, and in case you’ve missed the news! I’m a Grandma! My granddaughter was born almost two weeks ago and I’ve been with my daughter to help her and her husband. They’re now doing beautifully and I miss seeing her in the mornings and sharing morning coffee with my daughter!

But, I am so glad to be home. I came home to color in my garden! The roses are blooming beautifully! My Spring flowers are passed – we’re now moving on to the next season – despite the chillier temps!

The Best Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day is around the corner – I shared my thoughts on what I think would be The Best Mother’s Day gift.

I shared 30 Thiry-Minute Meals for Two with a menu and shopping list!

I shared these gorgeous yellow roses in a blue and white Ginger Jar

I found these interesting and inspiring to share with you!

I’ve been looking at our fireplace and thinking I need a change…I found some GORGEOUS possibilities here!

My tastes are leaning toward neutrals in my decor…I love how neutrals and blues are married together here! 

Do you love She Sheds? I do…they’re considered a woman’s alternative to a ‘Man Cave’ I agree!

I love giving my garden a bit of whimsy…here are some wonderful vintage garden decorating suggestions!

Marry Mason Jars with a great Farmhouse/Cottage Style and a lovely Idea and you’ll get this (potential gift idea!) ! Adorable!

It’s Strawberry Season here! I may just have to try this recipe! 

And lastly, I really liked this. This is very, very good advice for us all! 

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