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So…each year, I change over the decor in the home from season to season…I typically decorate our home in blues & whites with seashells. Then, I made curtains for the living room. I love them! It’s a soft gray pattern with a touch of soft yellow. I was inspired by our dining room tablecloth, sunshine and Hydrangeas to create this summer living room decor.

living room summer decor

Summer Living Room Decor inspired by Hydrangeas and Sunshine

In the dining room I have a yellow tablecloth on our dining table with a blue Hydrangea arrangement on the center. I was standing near the back door looking at the table toward the living room contemplating how I was going to change over the decor…and then I knew, I needed to add yellow..sunshine yellow to this year’s summer decor. And with Hydrangeas.

hydrangeas painted books wooden heart

So…this led to searching through my stash of fabric to find just the right colors and patterns. I really hoped to find some with more blue, but I do love the light, bright colors of this fabric. I didn’t have enough for all four pillows, so I used a solid cream color and added a smaller pillow.

hydrangeas living room pillows

That was the start. Then I looked at my decor to see what I wanted to add to the tabletops…I decided to add some blue and white…just not as much as I usually do.

silver vase with blue and white decor

I also wanted to add a little silver and definitely some seashells…summer is all about memories.

blue and white decor with seashells

Those wonderful memories that we can make with our loved ones.

blue Hydrangea arrangement centerpiece

Summer is about long daylight hours, spending time outdoors, having picnics, reading good books, going on vacation and such…To me, summer decor reflects those things we love best about Summer; it is easy to care for and it is delightful.

livingroom decor

I didn’t change much on the bookshelves. I simply added some of my blue and white decor balls.

living room decor and bookshelf

I love keeping the bookshelves simple in their decor. There’s actually a couple of patterns in this layout that I shared here.

Hydrangea arrangement with booksI kept the items on the ottoman simple – a centerpiece with the Hydrangeas and a few coffee table books. Decorating with coffee table books is enjoyable in so many ways.

demijohn next to book troughWooden bead garlands are everywhere. I draped these that I found at my favorite online shopping sites, Decor Steals (affiliate.)

fireplace mantel summer decorOn the fireplace I brought out my double Magnolia wreath. I added several shells and driftwood from our beach trips.

summer tabletop decor seashellsLittle bowls of shells here and there – bring back those wonderful memories of walking along the beach collecting these shells.

magnolia flower arrangementI LOVE Magnolias and their amazing fragrance that fills the room! I have two of these beauties on tabletops.

fireplace decorated for summerI have been thinking about changing the artwork on the fireplace. A few years back, I painted this band below the mantel that complemented the decor of a bowl I had…This fit the gold, reds and the blues at the time. Now that I’m going serene with grays, greiges, blues – and now yellow – what do you think? I’m wondering if I should paint another pattern – a lighter design or soften what’s there?

living room decor for summerI am adding more family pictures to the room. Some of the pictures will be of when the children were smaller and some from now – as they’re grown, married and now we’re adding our granddaughter!

summer decor in the living roomThank you for visiting with me as I share my summer living room decor. I hope you have a marvelous summer enjoying all those wonderful things that make summer so special!

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