Asymmetrical balance in creating a vignette

Three Super Easy Visual Principles in Creating Vignettes

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three easy principles in creating a vignette

It all Began with Inspiration

I have been planning the decor for this bedroom for some time. I knew I wanted a French influence in the room that would be charming and comfortable. The inspiration for the color scheme of the room came from a small artwork I found at a thrift store. Then I decided what furniture to include; whether to paint each piece, restore or leave as is. As I was creating I began gathering objects to apply principles in creating vignettes.

Three simple principles in creating vignettes

Three Super Easy Principles in Creating Vignettes

I knew the complementary color I wanted to emphasize in this guest bedroom would be gold. With the French style, most importantly Parisienne, in mind I began to search for objects I already had that would look best in this room.

three easy principles in creating a vignette

Creating Vignettes for Visual Appeal – Who’s Vignette?

We love quoting lines from movies in our home. One of the funny ones comes from a children’s cartoon called, ‘Phineas and Ferb’. Two brothers create and build amazing, fun things for their friends. They have an idea to use their pet for a ‘platy-polt badmitton‘ if only they had ‘a net‘. One of their buddies asks, ‘who’s Annette?’ In decorating, to make a room visually appealing we use vignettes. I could just imagine some wondering – ‘Who’s Vignette?’ or more to the point, ‘just what is a vignette?’

A vignette is a picture created by grouping together decorative objects on a room’s surface or or on walls. This grouping creates a pleasing focal point. 

three easy visual principles in creating a vignette - furniture placement


Before Creating Vignettes – Furniture Placement

I had to decide what I wanted the first impression of the room to be. That comes from the entrance of the room – the view from the doorway. The beautiful bed is the most important piece in the room so I placed it as one would come into the room. Then, the rest of the furniture was placed where they would fit best and create a pleasing whole room look. Surrounding the Bed would be the decorative objects on the wall and side table with one of the ‘vignettes’.

using three simple visual principles in creating a vignette

Visual Principles in Creating Vignettes

three easy visual principles in creating a vignette

The Golden Ratio 

Starting with the largest decor item, the lamp the next step is to add elements that will ‘spiral down from tallest to smallest giving your eye an arc of interesting things to look at’.  Read more Here.

three easy visual principles in creating a vignette - the visual A

Forming a Visual ‘A’

This is a very simple way to group items. Creating an ‘A’ or a triangle brings things together visually and beautifully.

Asymmetrical balance in creating a vignette

Asymmetrical Balance

Simply put, odd numbers in decor create interest. Even numbers create symmetry – if that’s what you’re wanting – all your pretty ducks in a row! But if you want a very pleasing and captures your interest. 

three simple visual principles in creating a vignette


The Whole Picture

The first thing you start with is the background. Is it the wall, artwork or mirror on a dresser? On a side table the most logical beginning is lighting – this piece can anchor your vignette. I selected this lamp I had in our Master bedroom for the gold color and the Parisienne ‘feel’. Then I placed items that would complement – in odd number, but would not overcrowd this spot. It’s a guest bedroom!

three simple principles in creating vignettes

On the Dresser

The dresser is off to the right as you enter the room. Visually, the first impression is from the side. So, I set objects to be seen that would complement those on the side table – to naturally draw the eye.

three easy visual principles in creating a vignette

Throughout the Room

Using the 60-30-10+10 principle, I have color set throughout the room that will comfortably and in a pleasing manner draw the eye. My colors are 60-Pink, 30 – Beige, 10 – Gold, 10- Green. And that color that could/should be in every room – the bonus color – Black.

Three easy visual principles in creating vignettes

One Room Challenge

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One Room Challenge Guest Participant Logoweek 5 link-up

Next week will be the whole room reveal. I will share what I’m adding to make this a welcoming, comfortable guest bedroom. I’m participating in this Spring’s One Room Challenge sponsored by Calling it Home. Several others are participating! You’ll love the amazing creative, inspiring designs.

Creating a Vignette

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