9 Tips for Country French style

A Look at Country French 9 Absolutely Helpful Tips

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Distinguishing Elements of Style
 9 Absolutely helpful tips for Country French Decor

A look at Country French

Can you tell by looking at a decorated room the style the owner was attempting to portray Do you know what Country French decor looks like?
I think that certain styles are easily distinguished.
Shabby Chic

The adjectives that can describe this style include:

timeworn look, soft, pastel colors, feminine, cottons and linens, & comfort

The adjectives that can describe this style include:
elegant and refined
The adjectives that can describe this style include:
simplicity, clean lines, modern, space
There are several decor styles that include the description of “Country” such as English Country, French Country, American Country, Italian Country, etc… What are the differences and distinctions in these styles? I love Country French decor.  I have found nine elements of style for French Country that will help in deciding what you can include to create this look.
According to the editors of Country French magazine, “when you mix timeworn appeal with the lyrical forms of classic French design and a color palette plucked from nature, you have the recipe for an architectural  and decorating style that is both sublimely elegant and incredibly comfortable. At its core, this is the beauty of country French style”.

9 Tips for Country French Decor

1. Mixing new and old pieces of decor

9 Tips for Country French decor

2. Mixing color and textures

9 tips for Country French decor

3. Painted Furniture

4. Vintage, French Furniture, Drapes
5. Delft blue,  chandeliers and antique French chairs

6.  Combining Elegance and comfort

9 tips for Country French decor

7. The use of embellished cabinetry, 

8. The inclusion of wrought iron, color and collectibles

9 tips for French Country decor

9. Adding dramatic fireplace features and accessories such as sconces
Country French Living Room Decor sconce 

A Little Bit More….

Country French In the garden
Mixing natural elements, pea gravel, potted plants with bistro sets.

Country French design - garden

 French gardens include herbs, flowers and vegetables which complement the exterior of the home.
Country French style combines ‘timeless quality’ with comfort, elegance with the romantic feel of a European home. I find the ambiance of Country French to be alluring. There’s a sense of beauty in this decor style that totally appeals to me. Do you have a decor style preference? Is there something that to you defines ‘Country French’? 
 French Influence

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