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English Country Cottage
Comfort is Key

Cottage Style can be defined in so very many ways. French Country, English Country, Shabby Chic, Romantic, Garden, Prairie, and so forth.

I love the elements to each style. As much as I would like to change our Living/Family room to a softer more romantic look, this is the space shared by all in the family. Fortunately, there’s a Cottage Style that suits us all.

English Country Cottage


While comparing the different styles, I found the key elements to English Country Cottage were:  darker color scheme, wallpaper – flowered, drapes – possibly with flower patterns, cushions, pillows, throws, table coverings, dark 

wood furniture, over-stuffed couches, leather and or velvet couches (especially with a lived-in look), brass accents, pictures, handmade objects, collectibles displayed, cabinets, books 

all that would come together to reflect comfort, love, 
warmth, and contentment.

Comfort is the key.

We had the basic elements already in place – warmer coloring – autumn colors; leather couch, flowered couch, overstuffed chair, cabinets, pictures, books, brass accents, collectibles…and so forth.


I added a few more things to emphasis English Country – I slip-covered the four pillows on the leather couch – florals and stripes;

 I added pillows to the three side chairs – one velvet tapestry – one floral, I added throws to a couch and to a couple of the chairs; 

I added this floral arrangement – one my aunt made for my mother several years back; a fresh flower arrangement; 

a silk flower arrangement on a chest with brass accents placed alongside. 

I recently shared with you the bench I painted now topped with two slip-covered pillows.


Our family room is a very comfortable room – we gather often here – sometimes we sit, read or even take naps. The couches, recliner and side chair we’ve had them for years – they’ve held up tremendously well!
My family likes the changes I have made. We are all happy! I am still working on the guest-bedroom/retreat room – definitely in a Romantic – Shabby Chic Cottage Style. I’ll share with you very soon some things I’ve been working on in there.
I do appreciate your visit.

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