vintage dress form, blue bedroom, vintage mirror, country living fair stone mountain

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And she shall be called ‘Jane’

vintage dress form, blue bedroom, vintage mirror, country living fair stone mountain

I have the habit of naming inanimate objects…much to my family’s amusement.

Since I’ve already named my Bird Girl statue Eliza (like Lizzie from Pride and Prejudice)

I thought I’d name my new vintage dress form Jane

dress form view 2

I found her on Saturday at The Country Living Fair.

I wasn’t really planning on purchasing anything else, let alone anything else of significant size. If you’ve read my previous posts on the Country Living Fair, you’ll know I drove Dearest’s Mitsubishi Eclipse – a convertible – with practically no trunk space and very little backseat space.

dress form view 9

I’d already filled the car with our luggage, Darling Daughter’s and mine (I did only bring a weekender bag- Dearest was surprised!), with the substantial Bread Dough Bowl, the Demijohn, The Olive Bucket and the wire baskets…

We were quite full. But, I’m good at packing things – you should see me fill a dishwasher!

dress form view 10

So while biding my time until the Hometalk Blogger meet-up that afternoon, I strolled through the winding lanes of the fair.

I didn’t see her at first. I was drawn to the Christmas ornaments – made from

dress form view 4

And there she was – dressed but with a price tag… a lot of dress forms were there – not for sale and some for sale but with price tags I wasn’t prepared to spend.

But, just like Goldilocks…everything was just right. She’s a petite, curvy size 1; she could be disassembled and the price was just right!

dress form view 1

It only took me a few seconds to decide – she would be mine!

I moved and nudged and combined things until the backseat and the trunk were filled to capacity – everything fit! I couldn’t wait to share with Darling Daughter – who knew I’d had her on my wish list…Dearest just gave me that knowing look…he did offer to let me bring his truck!

dress form view 5

Now, the question is – do I leave her as she is…or do I cover her with the fabric with the graphic seen here. I could use this on Great Grandpa’s chair there…

What would you do?

dress form view 9

One thing for sure, Jane now lives in the blue room – the room with the vintage cast iron bed and our sewing machine as well as some craft supplies – it will be fun doing things with her from season to season!

Dress form view 3


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