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The Wedding is a Memory, The Afterglow of the Joy Continues


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Wedding…Memory…Afterglow…Joy - our son's wedding

I wish I could bottle all the joy and the afterglow from our son’s wedding and share it with you all. Our son was the last of our three children to get married – we’re so happy for him! Each of our children have amazing spouses now. Dearest and I once thought we’d like up to six children. This is a wonderful way to make that dream come true! 

The Bride’s Luncheon

Wedding, Afterglow, Joy

Weddings are always a joyful occasion. This, if you’ve read my post on being the Mother of the Groom, was so very different for us! Both our girls had very DIY weddings and I was fully involved. This time, our son’s bride had it down. Wow, was this girl organized! She had every one on task and what to do with the decor afterwards. It was such a gorgeous wedding! The most amazing part though, was the bringing together of two families – joyfully. 

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We met for the first time her grandmother, extended family and friends. They are marvelous! I am so delighted my son is now part of a wonderful family. I also noted that the parents of my daughter’s husbands were there. These three families are such a wonderful gift – not only do they embrace and love our children – we’ve all come to love and appreciate each other! God is so good!









Early in all our children’s lives we began to pray for their future spouses knowing how important it is to find just the right person. I am so glad we could see God’s hand in all their marriages.

I do so adore seeing the joy and love my husband has for his children – I watched him talking and laughing with them – memories I’ll cherish forever.



Now, officially, our home is an empty nest. But it is a good thing. Each of our children now have their own home; they have their own families. Now, I look forward to the blessing of watching them blossom in these homes and in their relationships. Dearest and I will forever be their biggest cheerleaders! Wedding afterglow joy – I know this will last for a very long time!

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