painted table before and after

Why I Painted a Favorite Table – Before & After

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Have you ever liked a piece of furniture for it’s size and shape? As well as it’s design…That’s how I feel about this sweet little table that I purchased years ago from Tuesday Morning. When we lived in the Atlanta area I would love to get the sales papers for this store…They’d have their special sale with limited number of items…I remember we’d line up at the doors to try to get deals.

painted table before and after

Painted Table Before and After

This sweet little table was one of them. It fit so beautifully with the decor style I had. It worked so well as a side table for my chair. Then I changed everything. Everything in our living room that is. I enjoyed the rich colors of the golds, reds, greens, blues and such…But now, My palette tastes tend more toward neutral colors. The serene shades of grey, greiges, beige, and white.

first coat of paint

The first thing I did was to paint the walls…Then, I slipcovered furniture. They were in great shape, they just needed a change. I changed upholstery on some chairs and an ottoman. I then began to paint furniture….I even painted the fabric of my favorite chair!

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These are the awesome things we can do to take what we have and make it all new. Recently, I made new curtains for the two picture windows and our French doors. I love the complete serene look to our room. I have one more chair to slipcover.

Then there’s this little table. It’s colors were dark. It’s design seemed more suited to either English cottage or Italian cottage. This little table needed a change. So…I pondered for a while which direction I would take.

painted table with Folkart Matte Texture paint

Then, I received a sampling of Folkart’s Matte Texture paint. (not an affiliate post) Fascinating. It is very thick and goes on very well. This paint lends itself to distressed looks. I really like the color too. The table already had some crackling in the design, so I thought I’d use the paint color as a base…Then I’d apply a top coat to give it some character. I considered a dark wax…or one of my favorites from Amy Howard at Home – Dust of Ages. Then, I remembered I still had some of her Liming Wax…Perfect!

graphic design added to painted table

After applying two coats of the paint I allowed it to fully dry. Then I decided I wanted a little pattern, a graphic. I searched and considered flowers, flourishes and such…I considered French script…Then, I looked at the curtains and thought – simple damask pattern!

painted table after makeover DIY

Yes. That will do. I printed what I’d like then transferred it to the table using graphite transfer paper and pencil. Then, I selected Deco-Art’s Lambskin – an off white chalk paint – to fill in the pattern.

Once this was dry I randomly applied the Liming Wax so that it would show a sort of patina…

I do plan on applying a clear wax to protect the table. But, I am loving the new look! Now, this sweet little table that I really wanted as it was so very many years ago…Has a whole new look and a whole new life! Paint can totally transform anything!

Do you have a piece that you love, but it just doesn’t fit with the overall decor in your room? Change it! You can change fabric, paint, stain and so much more! I have some pretty colored stain that I will show you so in upcoming projects.

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DIY home decor – it’s a wonderful thing! Let me know what you think and if you need some help with techniques and ideas! Thanks so much for visiting!

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