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There are two quotes that come to mind when I think of a visit to Savannah. The first, well, you’ll recognize from Forrest Gump…in fact in the square made famous by that movie you can find someone impersonating Forrest. The quote is, ‘life is like a box of chocolates…you just never know what you’re going to get’. This is so true especially what you may see in Savannah.

see in SavannahYou Just Never Know What You’ll See in Savannah

Now, there are the things that you are certain to see in Savannah and you shouldn’t miss! Savannah is well known for their…

  • Live Oak Trees
  • Wrought Iron
  • Architecture
  • Historic Downtown Sites
  • Beautiful squares
  • Fountains
  • The Savannah River
  • The Statues
  • The Candy
  • The Fresh Sea Food
  • The Atmosphere

Oh, and so much more…

riverfront Savannah Ga

Dearest and I have made several trips to Savannah. Many during business trips, but we always find time to walk the city, eat at a good restaurant, walk along the Riverwalk and simply enjoy the beautiful ambiance of this quintessential Southern town. I have shared 5 Reasons to Make Savannah Your Vacation Destination.  I also created artwork from one of my visits…you’ll see framed images of Savannah in Black and White.

a view of Savannah’s City Hall

This year, we stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton on Bay Street. I will always remember this location because not only did they have exceptionally friendly service, but as you walked in you were greeted by an wonderful, serene fragrance…I loved it so much I had to ask…it’s Lemongrass Essential Oil diffused…Of course, I’m searching for just the right equivalent at home…

Cafe M Savannah Ga

As Dearest participated in his meetings, I walked the downtown streets, shopped, ate and enjoyed the view. I searched for Cafe was described as an authentic French bakery. You know how I love all things French. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Macaron in Cafe M Savannah Ga

The cafe is delightful, the staff friendly and attentive and the food….oh, so good!

I also visited some of my favorite shopping destinations…The Paris Market. They have wonderful and unusual French decor…the items I saw reminded me of those things I look for and adore and of my curiosity cabinet…Fresh Lavender, French soaps, and a beautiful cafe as well! I also found delightful gifts for my family at Nou•rich, The Spice & Tea Exchange of Savannah. You will always find the famous Pralines and sea food. I also dined at Paula Deen’s The Lady and Sons restaurant…

historic marker Savannah GA

These are just some of the things you will definitely find and enjoy in Savannah. Some of the unusual, fun things include the ghost tours. Our friends took that tour. The trolley or horse drawn carriage tours as well as a ride on a riverboat…You’ll walk on cobbled stone, or sea shells, you’ll dine in old buildings that may have been here when Washington visited Savannah…

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cargo ship Savannah Ga

But, what you may see if you are there are the right time include…Cargo ships. Wow, these are HUGE! It’s amazing to see them escorted out of the river by two tug boats!

Jere's Antiques Savannah Ga

You may see amazing antiques. Jere’s Antiques on the riverfront has an old warehouse building so full of European antiques so carefully placed…believe me, we asked just how they could get any or everything in or out…The furniture was so very exquisite!

Jere's Antiques Savannah Ga

The shopping varies from street to street. The restaurants are plenteous…the charm and friendliness abound!

On this trip just beyond the square behind our hotel within view of our room a movie was being filmed. It was fascinating!

movie filmed in Savannah Ga

The extras were so patient in their places as every thing had to be set just right before they began…and do over and over until they achieved the scene they were after. It was fascinating to see just how over night a couple streets could be transformed!

movie filmed in Savannah Ga

if you look carefully – to the right you’ll see the camera and center someone watching from the sidelines – not in costume!

It was amusing to see the juxtaposition of vintage dressed folk mingling with modern-day folk. It was such fun to watch!

Oh, and in the South…the weather can turn on a dime! The day could begin gloriously sunny and end with heavy and loud thunderstorms…I love it!

Savannah Ga

As I mentioned…there are many, many wonderful things you could and should see during your visit to Savannah. I highly recommend several days allowing yourself time to walk the many, many squares, to visit the wonderful shops, to enjoy the delightful dining. You can take in a guided tour or enjoy your visit at your own pace. But, remember. Keep your eyes opened…you just never know what may be around the corner or along Savannah’s gorgeous river….

I can’t wait until our next visit…Oh, yes…the other quote this visit reminded me of. This quote is from the movie, Sabrina where she says, ‘Paris is always a good idea’...(also made famous by Audrey Hepburn)…well, I can definitely echo that ‘Savannah is always a good idea’.

Have you ever visited Savannah? If so, what’s your favorite memory or thing to see? If not…my question is when!

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