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I am so delighted to share with you my latest sponsor, 135 Custom Furniture. I am doubly excited, because this talented DIY furniture maker is my Son-in-Law Barak Wood! 

Early on when dating my daughter, he built her a beautiful bookcase. This was something she needed at the time and he did such a wonderful job with it. He has shown himself to be such a marvelous young man and I am delighted to showcase his talent.

As with his first project for my daughter, my son-in-law continued to make things to meet their needs as a family.

Dining Table

dining table by Barak Wood

This is their first house and they’ve been doing a fantastic job making it a home. My daughter wanted a bigger dining table, so Barak built one for her. He then sold this one and made another. Finding that he could use his creative talent to make innovative furniture and decorative items – to create a new business.


tray by Barak Wood

They have a large ottoman to which my daughter asked whether he could build a tray – he did and again, once pictured he found another item that would meet a need. He has made several trays now. I have one in my kitchen!

Gun Cabinet

the gun cabinet is pictured in the back

the gun cabinet is pictured in the back

His creativity began to shine when he created these innovative gun cabinets – you can see a video here.


sign by Barak Wood

The love of chalkboards is growing, these can be displayed any where, front porches, at events, patios…the uses are only limited by one’s imagination. My youngest daughter truly loves hers!

chalkboard katieMy daughter asked me to create a sign celebrating summer, these chalkboards definitely have many uses.

135 Custom Furniture using Reclaimed Wood





We do so love DIY and especially when we can repurpose and reclaim items – this table was made by 135 Custom Furniture using reclaimed wood from this cart – as well as this sideboard.

custom furniture by Barak Wood

Creativity Abounding

dressers by Barak Wood


People bring to him their ideas and their wishes…and he finds a way to fulfill their dreams.

I love the tray my son-in-law adds beautifully to the French Farmhouse decor in my kitchen

I love the tray my son-in-law made…it adds beautifully to the French Farmhouse decor in my kitchen

I am so very delighted to introduce you to my latest sponsor 135 Custom Furniture – I am delighted by this young man – to call him son and to share with you his amazing talent.

my son-in-law made this awesome blanket ladder for me for Mother's Day - love it!

my son-in-law made this awesome blanket ladder for me for Mother’s Day – love it!

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