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I never really meant for it to happen…

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In December 2014 I received a call asking if I wanted to be Board Chairperson for…a very important Board in our County. As I listened, I weighed the idea – the cost to us as a family, the time it would take, the exposure it would bring to me…etc…Remember, I truly LOVE my quiet life. But, I also believed this is a very important post; a task that I was meant to take on. So, I accepted.

A Whirlwind Start

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I have been involved in this arena for a number of years, in a very modest position. I did my part to the best of my ability. So, when I took on this new post, I researched the status of the office and of all avenues of the issues. I was inundated with information from some of the other Board members…this is what we need to do, this is important and hasn’t been addressed…It was all a bit overwhelming. I contacted state officials and agencies we are connected with to learn of all the information I received, our standing in the state, etc…It was a lot of information that revealed there were definitely areas we as a Board needed to address.

Making Tough Decisions

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The more I delved into the issues involved with this Board, the more of my waking and truthfully, sleeping hours were taken up by these matters. I began to pay less and less attention to my blog. I began to give to my home and garden what my Grandmother would say – ‘a lick and a promise‘….I wondered if things would ever settle down so I could ‘get back to what I loved’.


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For many of us, there could be varying reasons we get off track in blogging. Work, home, family, community, and just plain tiredness; these can be reasons we begin to drift from our love of sharing, love of creating, love of DIY, love of cooking etc…all that goes into whatever we share, can become more of an effort when life distracts you. 

What Do I Do?

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I most definitely didn’t want to let go. For the very reasons I first began blogging and for all of those I’ve become acquainted with, for the sheer beauty of blogging – I wanted to stay – to hang on – to keep my toe in the water, so to speak. So my blogging parties became my lifeline. I am so very grateful for all of you who continue to share with A Delightsome Life blogging parties. I find my moments of serene peace reading your posts – usually on the go!

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What I’m doing about getting back on track:

  • Remembering why I began blogging in the first place…what’s your reason/s?
  • Re-evaluating what my blog is all about…are you still blogging about what you love?
  • Re-visiting blogging friends – reconnecting…to include blog parties…what do you like to do?
  • Restarting by going back to basics…taking myself back to blogging school. It all starts with good content.
  • Being realistic…what fits in my life…just how many posts can I do a week and do it well?


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Telling you the basics of why I got off track, how it was a bit of a struggle for a while and now my crossroads of what do I do now…this is my beginning to getting back on track in blogging.

The things I’m passionate about I still want to share:

  • Serene living – which includes teatime…yes, I have missed that tremendously!
  • DIY projects – making things and remaking things is so fulfilling
  • Garden – our Edens bring so much to us no matter what state their in…their constancy each season is so reassuring
  • Cooking – since I was a little girl standing on a chair cooking beside my mom…I have loved cooking for my family
  • Decorating – whether it’s the changing seasons, changing room decor or just creating a pretty vignette, decorating one’s home can be so much fun and rewarding
  • Faith – the foundation for all that I am and all that I do-my faith in God…sharing the joy, the peace, the comfort I gain from my relationship with God…is central to all that I am.

It Starts Today

the exquisite beauty of toda

So, if you’ve added something new to your life, or if life just gets so busy that blogging has taken a backseat, perhaps a bit longer than you intended, take heart. It’s probably a lot easier than we expect to get back on that bike…to get back on track…to get back our rhythm. All we need to do is to re-evaluate and find again just what fits in our life and what brings us joy.

Have you ever gotten off track? What did you decide to do? 

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