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In a Sunflower Field

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We are so delighted that my youngest daughter is now engaged to her bestfriend. We’ve known for a while that they were making plans for their future…now it’s official. We’re planning a wedding.

My Daughter’s Vision

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Her fiance’s family has a sunflower field – beautifully situated with bands of hay between the rows of sunflower. This field is for hunting later in the fall, but in the summertime it is gorgeous with sunflowers as far as you can see. This is where my daughter plans for the wedding ceremony to be.

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Walking the Field

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We walked round the field planning where the ceremony and the reception were to be. She shared her vision of how the guests would be seated, how the reception and games would be arranged. Her dream is a beautiful one…her sister and I are doing what we can to make it come to fruition for her.


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Not only will the sunflowers be part of the background, but each bridesmaid will also be carrying one. They will also be featured in the decorations…

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There Will be Bees

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While we were walking the field, we noted the abundance of bees. As we picked the flowers, they didn’t seem to pay us any attention. We will do what we can to let the wedding party and guests know not to mind the bees…they won’t mind us.

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Flowers for Arrangements

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We picked a lot of flowers for arrangements and some wild flowers. We also picked up some airy, colorful flowers to plan how the flower arrangements for the wedding and reception would look; getting prepared for next year.

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We are Planning a Wedding

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Our baby girl is getting married. We couldn’t be more delighted…the next few months will be filled with plans, crafts and preparation for her wedding, a beautiful wedding in a sunflower field.

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