What Curtains Should Do for a Room’s Decor

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What you should consider when selecting window treatments on A Delightsome Life

What Curtains Should Do for a Room’s Decor

After sharing the transformation of the guest bedroom from blue to white, I shared that my next project was window coverings….several suggested if I could, to NOT put up curtains. I agree, to an extent. The window frames and detain in this room are beautiful. But, for guest’s privacy, I need to have some window coverings. So, I’m sharing what I’ve learned about what curtains should do for a Room’s Decor.

curtains and shades add color and texture interest to the room's decor on A Delightsome Life

Add Interest and Texture

Every element of the room’s decor should play a part in bringing together for the whole decor style. For window treatments, they should add interest, color and texture to a room. Here are some considerations when selecting curtains:

  • Lined or Un-lined Curtains – do you need/want to black out light?
  • Color and Pattern – add warmth, interest and texture
  • Fabric Selectionthis is a beautiful cotton fabric
  • Length and Width – should ‘kiss the floor or puddle’
  • How Hight should you hang the curtains

the popular recommendation is to hang curtains at the ceiling on A Delightsome Life

Where do you hang a curtain rod?

The popular recommendation is to hang curtains at or near the ceiling. This can leave a gap between the window and the ceiling. If your window has a transom, then you’re emphasizing its beauty. You can add interest (as I did with the sign) or hang midway between the frame and ceiling. Hanging curtains high, as in this case, in a small room can give the illusion that the room is larger.

selection for the window included faux bamboo shades and curtain panel to frame window on A Delightsome Life

How I selected My Window Treatment

My first consideration was to give my guests privacy. My second consideration was to retain as much light as possible. My third consideration was to add beauty, color and interest to a nearly all white bedroom.

I found these faux bamboo shades at a Habitat Restore. They were creamier – almost beige. The easy fix was to paint them white. They still have a natural look. I love that they give privacy but allow a lot of light to still come through. I also had to cut them to fit.

The curtain fabric I had selected years back. I found this fabric at a warehouse sale. I love the vintage style of this fabric pattern by Sarah Richardson. I didn’t want curtains that could completely cover the window – I wanted them to frame the window.

adding a sign above the window for whimsy and interest on A Delightsome Life

The Sign

The room decor style is Prairie Cottage. There will be decorative elements that will work well together to add more interest and texture. I love signs and wanted to add something whimsical, romantic and encouraging… I’ll share more soon on how I made this sign.

the progress in the transformation of the guest bedroom for One Room Challenge on A Delightsome Life

The Progress of the Guest Bedroom for One Room Challenge

Step 1 was to Decide the Room’s Decor Style – Prairie Cottage

Step 2 was to select the right white paint for the room

Step 3 deciding on and making the window treatment

This room is an example of how you can decorate beautifully on a budget. Every element was either purchased at an Estate sale (bed), thrift store, or warehouse sale. It takes a little more time and determination, but it can be done with a little bit of an element of fun too!

selecting furniture for the guest bedroom on A Delightsome Life

Next…the furniture selection

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